iPhones Made Up Nearly Half of All Refurbished Smartphone Sales in 2022

Apple's sales of refurbished iPhones saw double-digit growth in 2022, further solidifying its dominance in the global market for returned and repackaged smartphones.

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According to Counterpoint Research (via DigiTimes), Apple's refurbished sales grew by 16%, earning it a 49% share of the market last year, up from 44% in 2021. While Apple controlled almost half of the market, Samsung was a distant second with a 26% share, down from 28% the previous year.

India became the largest refurbished smartphone market in 2022, due to China experiencing a 17% decline in refurbished phone sales in the same year, according to the market tracker. Most emerging markets saw limited supply of refurbished devices with consumers reportedly holding on to new smartphones for longer.

Apple outfits all refurbished iPhone models with new batteries, outer shells, and a fresh USB-C to Lightning cable, so they are essentially identical to new in the box iPhones. Refurbished iPhones from Apple are also unlocked and can be used with any carrier.

Continuing popularity for refurbished iPhones is also partly down to Apple's warranty policy that includes a full one year of AppleCare+ covering batteries and outer shell repairs, as well as the option to purchase extended ‌AppleCare‌+ coverage.

In general, global smartphone sales were impacted in 2022 by rising component prices and unusually high inflation, which led to a higher demand for lower priced, refurbished models across the market, according to Counterpoint. However, IDC suggests that interest in refurbished phones may turn out to be a long-term trend over the next few years thanks to trade-in programs and device premiumization.

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yellow8 Avatar
6 weeks ago
I would say that it is the consequence of increasing prices
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ifxf Avatar
6 weeks ago
Lots of phones returned by writers on this board. Phone has a scratch you need a magnifying glass to see return it. Phone‘s screen is slightly more yellow then last phone return it.
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Solomani Avatar
6 weeks ago
Apple: Half of the refurbished smartphones are Apple phones. Refurb, re-use, recycle!

Samsung: Meh. That's nothing! We disposed of 4.3 million Samsung phones in one year, filling a landfill the size of Bangkok!
[HEADING=2]Dumping 4.3 Million Samsung Phones Is an Environmental Disaster, Warns Greenpeace ('https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/news/dumping-4-3-million-samsung-phones-is-an-environmental-disaster-warns-greenpeace/')[/HEADING]
[HEADING=2]What will happen to 4+ million dumped Samsung Note7s? ('https://mashable.com/article/samsung-greenpeace-dumping-note7')[/HEADING]
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TGM85 Avatar
6 weeks ago
Apple Certified Refurbished products are really great value, not at all comparable to refurbishing by third party sellers.
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coffeemilktea Avatar
6 weeks ago
It helps that iPhones stay supported for a long time; a lot of brand-new Android phones will stop getting software updates after three years (if that). :eek:
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Tripps9000 Avatar
6 weeks ago
Some times it is cheaper to buy refurbished phone then a new one??
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