Apple Investing Another $200 Million in High Tech Carbon Removal Efforts

Apple today announced that it is expanding its Restore Fund, which was first established in 2021. The Restore Fund is designed to pay for high-quality nature-based carbon removal projects to protect and restore "critical ecosystems." Apple also wants to help scale viable carbon removal solutions for businesses that are unable to avoid or reduce their carbon emissions through existing technology.

apple restore fund
Apple is investing up to an additional $200 million in the Restore Fund, doubling its initial $200 million commitment. The fund will be managed by Climate Asset Management, a joint venture of HSBC Asset Management and Pollination.

With the new investment, Apple is aiming to remove one million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year while also generating a financial return for investors. Apple suppliers that become part of the fund will be able to take advantage of new high-impact carbon removal projects.

"The Restore Fund is an innovative investment approach that generates real, measurable benefits for the planet, while aiming to generate a financial return," said Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives. "The path to a carbon neutral economy requires deep decarbonization paired with responsible carbon removal, and innovation like this can help accelerate the pace of progress."

Climate Asset Management and Apple want to focus on nature-forward agricultural projects that generate income from sustainably managed farming practices as well as projects that conserve and restore critical ecosystems that remove and store carbon from the atmosphere. Apple says that Restore Fund investments will be subject to "rigorous social and environmental standards."

Apple has achieved carbon neutrality for its corporate operations, and it has encouraged its suppliers to become carbon neutral by 2030. Apple ultimately wants all Apple-related operations to be carbon neutral by that date, and more than 250 of its manufacturing partners have committed to that goal.

Apple's earlier investments in the Restore Fund were done in partnership with Conservation International and Goldman Sachs. With that contribution, Apple is working to restore 150,000 acres of sustainably certified working forests and protect another 100,000 acres of native forests, grasslands, and wetlands. These projects are forecast to remove one million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year by 2025.

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BlairMALL Avatar
16 months ago
I totally get that some people are cynical and doubt the validity of these efforts and similar ones, but I also think that this is just a good thing to do. Even if it is used for PR (isn't that part of what PR is supposed to highlight), I like that they are making efforts in this area. Note: I also understand that my "liking" it is irrelevant to the overall argument and effort. So, another way of thinking about it is that this effort (even if wrong, misguided, or self promotional) is better than ignoring cleaner ways of doing business.
Score: 13 Votes (Like | Disagree)
filmantopia Avatar
16 months ago

All this to just say they done something, if climate change is someone’s worry in life then your living a good life, the world is fine, every time they say something is happening guess what nothing ever happens, apple stop with this progressive nonsense we all know you just do this for good PR
Completely untrue that nothing happens. Today we’re seeing the dramatic impact of climate change globally. Climate change is estimated responsible for 5 million deaths a year, and that number is rising. We have the choice to jump on a once in a lifetime opportunity for job growth, with green energy, or continue to allow climate change-fueled disasters to cost the country ~$15T by 2070.
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)
mrr Avatar
16 months ago
excellent. We need this.
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
fwmireault Avatar
16 months ago

All this to just say they done something, if climate change is someone’s worry in life then your living a good life, the world is fine, every time they say something is happening guess what nothing ever happens, apple stop with this progressive nonsense we all know you just do this for good PR
What are you expecting? That the effects of climate changes will happen overnight? And it’s untrue that nothing happens, we already see the effects of global warming.

I don‘t know what is MR moderation policy towards conspiration theories, but something needs to be done
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
yaxomoxay Avatar
16 months ago

Climate change is estimated responsible for 5 million deaths a year, and that number is rising.
I don’t have a dog in the political fight about climate change, but despite what news sources said about that famous study, that’s not what they found.

They found that “More than five million extra deaths a year can be attributed to abnormal hot and cold temperature”. The study is about people having to face “non-optimal temperatures” (that is, they die of cold or heat) and goes further to explain inevitability, in that “Because of the inevitability of climate change, it is urgently important to provide a global view of the relevant mortality burden and to push and develop intergovernmental strategies against the health impacts of temperature events.” The study doesn’t say that people die because of climate change, but because of exposure. If that exposure is due to man-made climate change, that’s not part of this or any other conclusive study so far.
Score: 8 Votes (Like | Disagree)
citysnaps Avatar
16 months ago

We were told that the earth's ice cap would be melted by 2013 or 2014 and all the costal cities would be under water, did that happen. Nope!
Who told you that and when? Be specific.
Score: 8 Votes (Like | Disagree)