Dark Noise Now Free With $3/Month Subscription Upgrade Option for New Users

Dark Noise today announced it has switched to a subscription pricing model on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The popular white noise app was previously available as a one-time purchase for $9.99, but the full version now costs $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year for new users. A one-time purchase option remains available for $49.99 for new users.

Dark Noise App Feature
The bad news is that the full version of Dark Noise is now considerably more expensive for new users, but the good news is that the app is now available for free on the App Store, with eight sounds now available without charge. Another bit of good news is that existing Dark Noise users who purchased the app before the version 3.0 update released today retain access to the full app with over 50 sounds without a Dark Noise Pro subscription.

"There may be features in the future that require Dark Noise Pro, but for now original users will get all of the same features," says Dark Noise's announcement. New users can try out the Pro tier with a free three-day trial.

The updated Dark Noise app includes four stereo remasters of existing sounds: Rain, Thunderstorm, Beach, and Airplane Interior. Dark Noise said future updates will include additional remasters, as well as an increasing variety of sounds.

Apple introduced a similar Background Sounds feature in iOS 15 and macOS Ventura. Available in the Settings app under Accessibility → Audio/Visual → Background Sounds, the feature allows you to play rain sounds and a selection of other ambient sounds for free. White noise can help some people to relax, sleep, or stay focused on a task.

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antiprotest Avatar
9 weeks ago
For all the naysayers, you need to understand that with inflation, the cost of supply for noise has gone way up and it is only reasonable to pass some of it to the customers.
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FSMBP Avatar
9 weeks ago
I really hate the subscription model...The fact that Apple is pushing developers to use it seems user hostile. I get paying developers and am completely for it, but come on.
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icanhazmac Avatar
9 weeks ago
Wow, $49 for [S]static[/S] a noise app, we are all DOOOOOOOMED!

Hard pass! This app is the poster child for apps that should never see a subscription model. One time buy and IF you provide an update that I find value in I will upgrade, if not then I will stick with the version that I bought. There is zero day to day maintenence on an app like this.

Imagine being dumb enough to rent white noise.
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Prabas Avatar
9 weeks ago
iOS has background noises built-in. Add it to your control centre for easy access.

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Enclavean Avatar
9 weeks ago
Used to be $9, now that gets you 3 months.

If you’ve used this app for 2 years you would have paid $216 with this new model. For a white noise app.
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Mansu944 Avatar
9 weeks ago
not everything needs to be a subscription. Screw these guys.
Score: 15 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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