Apple Stops Allowing Sprint iPhone Activations, Removes Sprint References From Online Store

Apple is no longer allowing customers who purchase an iPhone, cellular iPad, or Apple Watch to activate a device with now-defunct mobile carrier Sprint. Apple has also removed remaining references to Sprint from its online store.

TMobile Sprint
When checking out with a new purchase, Sprint is no longer an option for connectivity, a change that Apple appears to have implemented today. Prior to now, Sprint customers were still technically able to activate Sprint devices through the T-Mobile network, and Apple listed Sprint carrier deals.

Given that T-Mobile completed its Sprint merger back in 2020, it is likely that this change will not affect many people. Many Sprint customers have already been transitioned to T-Mobile accounts and are no longer technically Sprint customers, but there may still be some individuals out there who have not yet completed the transfer over to T-Mobile.

Sprint customers have technically been using the T-Mobile network since shortly after the acquisition, as T-Mobile began incorporating Sprint spectrum into its network in April 2020.

Former Sprint customers who are experiencing issues related to their service should contact T-Mobile for help as they will need to move their Sprint accounts to T-Mobile to activate their devices.

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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
10 weeks ago
? RIP Sprint! Do you guys remember the HTC EVO 4G? ?

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drew0020 Avatar
10 weeks ago

They are still not as good as AT&T and Verizon tho. I'm on Dual Network and T-Mobile is still not available as AT&T/Verizon.

I switched from ATT to T-Mobile about 45 days ago. I was an ATT customer since the first iPhone. My 5G speeds went from about 50Mbps to 500mbps (highest I’ve gotten is about 800Mbps) on average with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile provides much better coverage for me in the southeast plus I save $15/month, get free MLB/MLS packages, $350 debit card, Apple TV+, Paramount+, and Netflix (only SD). Only downside is I lost HBO Max.

I wish I switched earlier. T-Mobile 5G in my area is almost as fast as my Google Fiber Home Internet - 2GB. It’s insanely good for the price.
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LeadingHeat Avatar
10 weeks ago
Good riddance.
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vegetassj4 Avatar
10 weeks ago
Mint Mobile rep spotted outside of One Infinite Loop

Attachment Image
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cocky jeremy Avatar
10 weeks ago
Breaking news: Apple no longer activating phones on network that no longer exists.
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CarAnalogy Avatar
10 weeks ago
It's so quiet in these comments you could hear a pin drop!

Can't find the version I'm looking for ('//')

Hopefully someone else remembers what I'm talking about. I feel old now.
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