Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Models to Feature Improved LiDAR Scanner

Sony will replace Lumentum and WIN Semi as the exclusive supplier of LiDAR Scanner components for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, according to the latest information shared by reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 14 Pro Rear Camera
In a series of tweets today, Kuo said Sony's time-of-flight VCSEL has lower power consumption than those from Apple's existing suppliers. This would result in the LiDAR Scanner being more power efficient on the iPhone 15 Pro models, which Kuo said could either contribute to longer battery life or allow for the LiDAR Scanner to offer improved performance at the same level of power consumption as on existing iPhones.

Kuo said the improved LiDAR Scanner could benefit camera features, like Night mode and autofocus, as well as augmented reality uses. First introduced on iPhone 12 Pro models in 2020, the LiDAR Scanner can measure light distance and capture depth information, and the hardware is expected to remain exclusive to iPhone 15 Pro models.

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dannyyankou Avatar
15 months ago
I think people underestimate the role LiDAR plays on image quality. Being able to sense the distance of objects allows the camera to focus more accurately.

The measure app is also surprisingly accurate.
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windywalks Avatar
15 months ago
The benefits of LiDAR on iPhone and iPad so far have been totally lost on me. The only real reason for the wide rollout for me has been a wider test for upcoming AR product lines and not much else.
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macsplusmacs Avatar
15 months ago
Yah seems to be unless a dialog is shown on the screen saying "I AM USING LIDAR RIGHT NOW OK????????" some people think its not being used.
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svenning Avatar
15 months ago

Can someone explain what the LIDAR scanner actually does to me, like I'm 5?
Had chatgpt do it for you :)
TLDR Version:
A LiDAR scanner is a tool that uses lasers to make a picture of things far away by bouncing the lasers off of them and measuring how long it takes for them to come back. Scientists and engineers use it to learn more about the world around us.

Long version:
Hello there! Do you like playing with toys that go "beep" and "boop"? Well, a LiDAR scanner is kind of like a toy that helps us see things far away!

A LiDAR scanner is a special device that sends out a bunch of little laser beams (kind of like tiny flashlights) and they bounce off of things like trees, buildings, and even people.
When the laser beams bounce back to the LiDAR scanner, it measures how long it took for the beam to go out and come back. That's called "time of flight" - like how long it takes you to run to one end of a room and then back to where you started.

The LiDAR scanner then uses all of that information to create a really detailed 3D picture of everything it can "see" with its laser beams. It's kind of like taking a really fancy picture, but instead of using a camera, we're using lasers!

Scientists and engineers use LiDAR scanners to study all sorts of things like mapping the terrain of the Earth or measuring how much ice is melting in the Arctic. So, you can think of a LiDAR scanner as a really cool tool that helps us learn more about the world around us!
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doolar Avatar
15 months ago

The benefits of LiDAR on iPhone and iPad so far have been totally lost on me. The only real reason for the wide rollout for me has been a wider test for upcoming AR product lines and not much else.
I do 3D scanning with the Matterport software , the results are way better with LiDAR, I really don’t need the proprietary Matterport camera that often after the LiDAR in the iPhone came along. I realise that my use case isn’t everyone’s. ?
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enterthemerdaverse Avatar
15 months ago
Kuo ‘The next device will be more Kuo than last’s years Kuo’
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