Day 1 CES Video Roundup: Hyper Find My Backpack, Nanoleaf 4D TV Kit, Withings U-Scan and More

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show is taking place this week, and MacRumors sent videographer Dan Barbera to capture the action and check out new products on the show floor. Our day 1 roundup features everything from connected toilet products to massive monitors to fun lighting products.

Hyper showed off a backpack with Find My and a 25,000 mAh battery, Nanoleaf introduced a 4D TV Smarter Kit for matching your smart lights to the content on your TV, and Nuwa demoed a pen that converts notes into digital text, with no limitations on the paper that you can use.

Withings had a sensor that goes in your toilet to monitor your urine, and Samsung had a 5K Viewfinity S9 display, its first 5K monitor to compete with the Apple Studio Display. Samsung also had a Bespoke fridge with a customizable front panel, and the company demoed the Philips Hue Sync integration coming to some TVs.

Make sure to watch Dan's video to see all of the products that he came across, and if you want to know more, we have a dedicated CES 2023 hub with all of our CES coverage.

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Kylo83 Avatar
21 weeks ago
Nothing really worth speaking about I feel tech has hit a wall and nothing is ground breaking anymore, even the tvs are minor updates this year, I remember the days ces used to be so exciting
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purplerainpurplerain Avatar
21 weeks ago
Where are the self walking shoes and the self opening/closing pizza boxes?

The AI powered tarot cards that tell me the exact day I’m going to die?

The Smart Belt that expands when I get fat and shrinks when I lose weight?

The brain transplant that lets me upload my conscious to Planet Xenu and totally won’t kill me like Neurolink lab monkeys?

The television with augmented reality 5D Smell-O-Vision?

The Three Seashells for my bathroom?
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ignatius345 Avatar
21 weeks ago
I can’t imagine buying a backpack for Find My support when that can be added to any backpack for $30.
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talosman Avatar
21 weeks ago
will never buy anything from HYPER again, their most recent recall for their stack charger being a fire hazard, and the store credit will required customers to buy more expensive items from their online store. And most of their stuff can be found cheaper or more powerful from other makers.
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svish Avatar
21 weeks ago
Great video roundup. Interesting to hear about all the devices launched at CES.
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Octavius8 Avatar
21 weeks ago
We need 64K TVs now!.
And self drying clothes and self adjusting shoe laces.
And foldable iPhones.
And s e x robots.
And Wireles HDMI.
And lots of 120hz or 240hz 4K displays for computers at good prices.
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