You Can Try Verizon's Service for Free With New Test Drive Program

Verizon this week announced the launch of a new Test Drive program that is designed to allow you to try the Verizon network for free over a 30-day period.

Any U.S. smartphone user with an eSIM and unlocked device can get 100GB of 4G/5G data to test out the Verizon network before committing to switching to the carrier. Verizon's program is similar to the Network Pass option offered by T-Mobile, though it doesn't last as long.

In addition to 100GB of data, Verizon's test program includes unlimited talk and text, and the service can be used alongside an existing cellular subscription. 4K streaming quality is available over 5G Ultra Wideband, while streaming is limited to 480p on LTE and 5G Nationwide.

Those who want to try Verizon can scan the QR code on the Test Drive FAQ page to download the My Verizon app to get access to the free trial. As mentioned above, an unlocked, eSIM-capable smartphone is required, and testers cannot be existing Verizon subscribers. eSIM compatible iPhones include the iPhone XR and later.

After the Test Drive, Verizon offers a streamlined process for porting a number over and choosing a 5G plan. For those who opt not to continue with the service, the trial simply ends when the 30-day period has expired, with no need to cancel as no credit card is required.

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mthomas184 Avatar
7 months ago
Verizon is getting so congested and so bad. I finally had enough and went with T-Mobile and havent had a single issue. Verizon is still riding the coat tails of when they were the leader back in the 3G and early LTE era.
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kalafalas Avatar
7 months ago

Now if only they could fix their billing. Now don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest Verizon fan you can ever find. But sometimes even the best makes mistakes. I have two lines of service and I use all of the extra features like no paper bills and auto pay with a debit card. It’s the debit cards that have become the problem. I noticed several months ago that my bill had gone up around 50 dollars per month for what I could tell was no reason. After a while I found out that they were no longer giving me my discount for the auto pay. I spent a good amount of time on the phone with them and no one could explain why it was happening. After a day had passed I received a call saying that Verizon had changed their policy and no Mastercard or Visa card is given the discount even if it is a debit card as was required before. It took me about one minute to get what this is about. Verizon has their own card now and they seem to make you get it if you want the discount.
I have only been told this by one employee so I need to check in with someone else. But if true, that is a very bad thing.
Yup can confirm, this happened to me. Had to link Verizon directly to checking, cheap-os want to save on credit card fees I imagine. I love Verizon’s coverage and network performance, but boy do I hate Verizon the company.
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DeltaHF Avatar
7 months ago
100GB? What the heck?
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djc6 Avatar
7 months ago
Funny, it was T-Mobile's Test Drive (30 days) and subsequent Network Pass (3 months) that got me to switch from Verizon. I gave up my 50% off VZ employee discount because of how much better T-Mobile's service is on the west side of Cleveland. My family and I can now use our phones, and the International service on Magenta Max is soo much better than the ridiculous $10/day TravelPass (employee discount didn't apply to this for some reason).
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oneteam Avatar
7 months ago
I left Verizon for Tmobile. Couldn't be happier. I have better service and better prices.
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FreakinEurekan Avatar
7 months ago

But T mobile is terrible. I wouldn't use them if it were free.
Depends on where you are. Especially after the Sprint merger, they’re kicking Verizon & AT&T’s butts in a lot of areas.
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