Apple Releases First Public Beta of macOS Ventura 13.1

Apple today seeded the first beta of macOS Ventura 13.1 to its public beta testing group, allowing non-developers to try out the new features ahead of the software's release. The public beta comes one day after Apple provided the beta to developers.

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Public beta testers can download the macOS 13.1 Ventura update from the Software Update section of the System Preferences app after installing the proper profile from Apple's beta software website.

macOS Ventura 13.1 introduces the Freeform app, which Apple has designed for creative collaboration. The app can be used for brainstorming, planning out ideas, jotting down notes, and more. Users can insert drawings, sticky notes, shapes, text boxes, photos, videos, PDFs, links, and other documents, with Freeform serving as a blank canvas.

Freeform "boards" can be shared with other people and discussed over FaceTime, with updates from all participants synced to everyone in real-time.

The update also introduces support for an updated Home app architecture that improves performance for smart home devices.

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dugbug Avatar
14 months ago

What a joke. Releasing a new OS, but the features are not included. By the time everything is "OK". The successor is going to be released for Ventura.
why is it a joke? I think its better to release the components as they mature internally
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ignatius345 Avatar
14 months ago

my god what a worthless functionality Stage Manager is, mind boggling they shipped it anyways, they should trash it and re-think the entire multitasking behavior.
I disagree. I've been playing with it for a couple days. While I'm not yet sure it suits my way of working, I think it could be super helpful to some.

Anyway, it comes disabled by default, and you're more than welcome to just ignore it and keep doing whatever you've been doing.
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nvmls Avatar
14 months ago
No significant issues on Ventura so far, other than same old same old with Safari, a few UI glitches with weather app's top bar background, drawer icon button not visible when on fullscreen & search input background color flickering out of nowhere.

Having said that, my god what a worthless functionality Stage Manager is, mind boggling they shipped it anyways, they should trash it and re-think the entire multitasking behavior.

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sorgo † Avatar
14 months ago

Honest question: if the public beta gets released only one day after the devs beta, then what's the point of releasing two identical version at two different times?

They might as well release a "beta" without 'devs' or 'public' words involved.
It’s a safeguard in case there are any seriously-disruptive bugs in the dev build, pretty sure. At the very least they’re two different seed channels with their own distinct purposes, which isn’t unusual at all in the world of software testing.
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Realityck Avatar
14 months ago
I like 13.1 beta 1, it's been very stable for my 24" iMac and M1 Max 16" MBP. Want to shut down your M1 Mac its closes down very fast now comparably. Freeform app has been added in this release to try out. It installs pretty fast comparably.
[SPOILER="macOS Ventura 13.1 Beta Release "][/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="macOS Ventura 13.1 Beta Release "]
[HEADING=3]Known Issues[/HEADING]

* Can’t delete boards while offline, or if iCloud data is disabled for Freeform. (100294085)
Workaround: Go to Settings (System Setting on macOS) > Apple ID > iCloud, then in the Apps using iCloud section, toggle Freeform to On.
* Adding or removing collaborators can fail while attempting to change share settings. (101186059)
Workaround: Close the share sheet and try to add or remove the participants again.
* Inserting a sticky or a file might result in an unexpected error. (100883621)
Workaround: Quit and relaunch Freeform.

[HEADING=3]Known issues[/HEADING]

* Play tracking (Up Next, and Top Shelf Update) won’t work for all platforms. (101258095)

macOS 13.1 beta (22C5033e) - October 25, 2022
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diggy33 Avatar
14 months ago
I've found that I like Stage Manager when I'm going to be working in a particular app for a while, and dont plan to switch to something else. I like the way it declutters the desktop, and doesnt put the apps in the dock, extending it further. Other than that, for me, it serves no real purpose, and I leave it off most of the time.
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