Amazon Launches First Pre-Order Discount on New Apple TV 4K at $124.99

The new Apple TV 4K hasn't even launched yet, but Amazon is already offering a small $4 discount on the streaming device as a pre-order deal. You can get the 64GB Wi-Fi model for $124.99 when pre-ordering, down from $129.00.

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While not a massive discount, this is still a notable deal given it's the first pre-order discount on the 2022 Apple TV 4K. We don't expect much steeper discounts than this to come out any time soon; for those types of deals you'll need to shop for the 2021 models, which are as low as $99.99 today on Amazon.

The Apple TV 4K will launch on November 4, along with the 128GB Wi-Fi + Ethernet model, which is not seeing a pre-order discount on Amazon.

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Juicy Box Avatar
8 months ago
The Veteran Apple Store has the ATV4K3 priced @$116 for the 64GB and $134 for the 128GB

I ordered the 128GB model.

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gk_brown Avatar
8 months ago

How many really use ethernet instead of wireless you think? All mine are connected wirelessly.
I do. Video consumes a lot of bandwidth. Using Ethernet reduces load on the WiFi network.
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Rychiar Avatar
8 months ago
Who would buy the crippled 64gb version
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Juicy Box Avatar
8 months ago

How many really use ethernet instead of wireless you think?
I use Ethernet on two of my ATVs. I would guess that most don't.

I noticed that things load quicker with the Ethernet, and I think this has more to do with latency than download speeds.

There is an app called Coubicle TV, it basically plays 10 looped video memes. The playback automatically loops once, and moves on to the next "coub". You can also skip forward and back, or repeat one forever. Anyways, I noticed when I use the app on my ATVs that use Wifi, it takes longer for the new clips to load if I am browsing, skipping to one after next. This doesn't happen at all on the ATVs connected with Ethernet.

Probably not enough to get people to use Ethernet, but I do notice a difference.

For real time uses, like Steamlink or even AirPlaying, I think the difference is a lot more noticeable. If someone does a lot of real time tasks with their ATV, it might be worth looking into using ethernet.
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Realityck Avatar
8 months ago
Great to see discounts at the launch of ATV4k 3rd gen at Amazon. Hope this discounting propagates to more store chains.
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ZS88 Avatar
8 months ago
There's a discount at Best Buy if you use a Best Buy credit card. The 64 GB version is $116 and the 128 GB version is $135. Code is SEP23CCSAVE10.
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