Belkin Launches New Boost Charge Pro Dual USB-C Power Adapters

Belkin today announced the debut of two new Boost Charge Pro Dual USB-C GaN Wall Chargers, which are available in 45W and 65W variants. The chargers feature PPS technology, which Belkin says is designed to deliver the optimum power to compatible devices, including Apple products.

belkin boost charge pro
The 65W charger is able to provide up to 65W when a single USB-C port is in use, or 45W from one port and 20W from the second when both ports are used. It is ideal for Apple's smaller MacBooks, such as the MacBook Air, as it can charge at full speed while also charging a secondary device like an iPhone or an iPad.

The 45W charger provides a full 45W when a single port is in use or 25W from the top port and 20W from the bottom port when both ports are charging devices.

With USB-C PD 3.0 technology, an iPhone 13 can be fast charged from either version, going from 0 to 50 percent in 28 minutes. Belkin says that the chargers have been optimized for Apple, Samsung, Nintendo Switch, and other compatible devices.

The 65W Boost Charge Pro is priced at $50, while the 45W Boost Charge Pro is priced at $40. Both chargers can be pre-ordered from the Belkin website starting today and will ship in September.

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Mac Fly (film) Avatar
7 months ago
They need a better design. If you own say a MBA and an iPhone, you shouldn't need to check which cable you're plugging in based on power draw. The charger should understand this and dedicate appropriate power to whichever cable needs it. So you just plug in two cables without thinking about it and the charger gives the 45W to the cable connected to the Mac.
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wowotoe Avatar
7 months ago
Anker's version is cheaper. But based on the reviews, this thing will fall off from the wall due to weight.

Anker ('')
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Mac Fly (film) Avatar
7 months ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like the GaN charges are all designed too "long"? eg. they stick out from a wall plug too far. I would rather have something more flush if possible.
It is possible, but the reason for this kind of shape it it gets in the way of other plugs less.
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vegetassj4 Avatar
7 months ago
Is it just me, or does it seem like the GaN charges are all designed too "long"? eg. they stick out from a wall plug too far. I would rather have something more flush if possible.
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zorinlynx Avatar
7 months ago

Wow, that is long, eh? I think the fault is also tied to some wall sockets being really loose, and some being tight. I've seen all kinds, so maybe Anker is not considering that in their design.
That sound you hear in the background is our UK friends laughing at us.

They really do have the best outlet. The world should have adopted it immediately.
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TigerWoodsIV Avatar
7 months ago

Enough chargers. Someone make a comfortable cable that doesn’t fail after 2 months.
Aukey, apple, Belkin, anker.
They all fail at the bend, every time.
Fwiw my Anker 6ft USB-A -> Lightning cable just started coming apart last month, and I bought it in 2015 and have used it every day since. Just replaced it with a USB-C cable, seems to be of similar quality so far.
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