Video Review: One Month With the New M2 MacBook Air

Apple in July released the redesigned MacBook Air, one of the first machines to feature the second-generation M2 chip. MacRumors videographer Dan has been using the new MacBook on a daily basis, so we thought we'd do a deep dive into his experience for MacRumors readers who might still be considering a purchase.

Make sure to watch the video up above to see everything Dan has to say about the MacBook Air, but spoiler alert: We think that this is the best Mac notebook option for most people. It's sleek, compact, modern, and blazingly fast with the updated ‌M2‌. It's more expensive than the M1 model, but the ‌M2‌ chip and fresh design are going to be worth it for many people.

Have an ‌M2‌ ‌MacBook Air‌? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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Top Rated Comments

oneMadRssn Avatar
8 months ago
For me, the main flaw is not having the two USB-C ports on opposite sides.
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SamRyouji Avatar
8 months ago
So in conclusion, all those tech experts are just exaggerating this M2 Air's small issues.
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sdf Avatar
8 months ago

Make sure to watch the video up above to see everything Dan has to say about the MacBook Air,
Writing deserves to be more than just a lost art.
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Schizoid Avatar
8 months ago
Had mine since day 1, 16gb/1Tb and it’s a tiny monster I have to say.
FCP editing is super smooth compared to my old Intel macbook, and I fired up a virtual macOS machine for some client testing, absolutely flies! I kept rebooting the VM just to watch it boot! (4 seconds flat!)
Only downside for me is running an external display, good old windowserver snaffles 100% of the CPU even if you disconnect the display. And running a few games on the external is fine for about 30 mins but it throttles everything back once it gets toasty. For a Mac with no fan it handles the heat generated by 10 gpu cores on full tilt though, I suppose I could’ve gone with the 14” macbook for no compromise here, but the super thin form factor is amazing.
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RAS2MR Avatar
8 months ago
Having had the opportunity to have an M2 Air in addition to my 16" Pro for the last two weeks, I find myself reaching for the Air much more often than the 16" Pro. The Pro certainly has the edge for those instances where Im doing extensive processing, but for most everything else the Air would be my preference...
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mavis Avatar
8 months ago

Writing deserves to be more than just a lost art.
At least post the script as an accompanying article, like AI does. I mean, not all of us are in an environment where watching tech videos is appropriate, and I don't really want to have to put my headphones on just for this. Plus, I can read an article a fraction of the time it takes to sit through a video ... ?
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