HomeKit-Enabled Eve Aqua Gains Thread Support

Eve Systems today announced the launch of a redesigned version of the Eve Aqua, a HomeKit-enabled smart home device designed to automate irrigation systems and convert standard outdoor faucets into smart water outlets.

eve aqua
The Eve Aqua water controller is able to automatically activate an irrigation system using the Home app on the iPhone, the Eve app, Siri voice commands, or a physical button on the device itself.

The third-generation Eve Aqua includes Thread support for improved reliability and reach when used with other Thread-compatible devices. It activates and shuts off automatically, with no internet connection, bridge, or gateway required for functionality, and it runs off of 2 AA batteries.

Eve Systems says that the new Eve Aqua has been redesigned with a sleeker look that features a space gray body and matte black front, along with a brass faucet connector and magnetic valve for improved durability, leak protection, and quieter operation.

The new Eve Aqua is available today for $149.95 from the Eve website.

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robd003 Avatar
2 weeks ago
It would be so cool if the Eve could recharge itself with the water flow
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walkin Avatar
2 weeks ago
Didn't this thing already have thread support… on the tap?

Yuk yuk
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ipedro Avatar
2 weeks ago

I mean, I like smart home accessories, but....
Does the water hose control really need to be "smart" and app-enabled? Wouldn't a $29 Orbit digital hose timer work just fine? Watering is one of those things that needs to be set once and then forgotten.
It's not that hard to understand how a smart water valve can be useful.

Why water the lawn or the flower bed if it's going to rain later today?

Extra hot over the next few days? Soak the ground ahead of the heatwave. No point watering during when it'll evaporate.

Neighbour calls to say you left the sprinkler on all morning when you left for work? Oh, the faucet is behind the fence but I'll shut it off from here.

Kids friends arrive for playtime... Hey Siri, start the "Slip N' Slide"!

Water level sensor triggers when the horses/cows/pigs' water is low. Fill'er up!

Hot day, motion sensor shows you're in the back yard, turns on the misters.

You've seen Christmas lights, but have you seen it snow on demand? Hey Siri, let it snow!

This is just off the top of my head. Like any smart home devices, once you stop being constrained by the old way of doing things, you'll find a million and one ways to do things that just weren't possible before and make your life easier/more sustainable/efficient/fun.
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TonyC28 Avatar
2 weeks ago
$150 for a single outlet? Love me some HomeKit, and lawn irrigation, but that’s steep.
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Scoob Redux Avatar
2 weeks ago
I mean, I like smart home accessories, but....
Does the water hose control really need to be "smart" and app-enabled? Wouldn't a $29 Orbit digital hose timer work just fine? Watering is one of those things that needs to be set once and then forgotten.
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Skyscraperfan Avatar
2 weeks ago
The price is a little high. It can add up quickly if you need a few of them. And who uses drinking water from the faucet for watering their garden?
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