Apple Releases tvOS 15.5.1 for Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K

Apple today released tvOS 15.5.1, a minor update to the tvOS operating system that first launched in September 2021. tvOS 15.5.1 comes about 10 days after the launch of tvOS 15.5.

apple tv 4k design green
tvOS 15.5.1 can be downloaded over the air on the Apple TV through the Settings app by going to System > Software Update. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Apple TV‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ owners who have automatic software updates enabled will be upgraded to tvOS 15.5.1 automatically.

Apple's tvOS updates are typically more minor in scale, focusing on under-the-hood bug fixes, performance updates, and small tweaks rather than major outward-facing changes.

Apple does not offer detailed release notes for its tvOS updates, but the company does offer some tvOS information through the tvOS support document. According to the support document, the update addresses an issue where music could stop playing after a short time.

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StudioMacs Avatar
13 months ago

Hopefully they are starting to get rid of the many bugs I experience with many of the apps. Roku is so much more robust than this work in progress.
You could be taken seriously until that last part.
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BWhaler Avatar
13 months ago
How funny would it be if this random 0.0.1 update finally fixed the library tab on the AppleTV app so Apple’s best customers could actually view their purchases.
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andrewvonpelt Avatar
13 months ago
Since 15.5, my appletv has been losing sync with my HomePod speakers after a few hours. since they released a homepod update to address this today, I assume this also addresses the same things from the appleTV side of it.
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Demigod Mac Avatar
13 months ago

What Atmos dropouts? I haven’t experienced dropouts with Atmos on my original 4K
Atmos audio randomly goes mute for about 1-2 seconds, then recovers and continues on. Doesn't happen very often (approx every 10-15 minutes) but it's very annoying when it happens. Netflix is the worst offender but I've seen it happen on Disney+ and Apple TV+ streams once in a while. (latest ATV model)
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Broken Hope Avatar
13 months ago
Not showing yet.
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abrooks Avatar
13 months ago
15.5 didn't fix the pops and audio failures of some Dolby Atmos tracks for me, hopefully this does.
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