Frontier Offering Free Apple TV 4K to Customers Who Choose New 2 Gig Plan

Internet provider Frontier today announced the launch of a new promotion that will see the company providing a free Apple TV 4K to new customers who sign up for a new 2 Gigabit Fiber plan.

apple tv 4k design clue
According to Frontier, customers who opt for the 2 Gig plan will be provided with an ‌Apple TV‌ 4K to enjoy 4K television content. Priced at $150 per month, this is Frontier's highest-priced internet tier, but it also comes with a WiFi 6E-compatible router and extender.

Along with offering customers who sign up for the 2 Gig plan a free Apple TV+, Frontier is also providing three months of ‌Apple TV+‌, a promotion that is available to all new and existing Frontier customers regardless of their internet plan.

Frontier's website says that the promotion is available for both new and returning ‌Apple TV+‌ subscribers, so even those who have already tried the service should be able to get three additional months of ‌Apple TV+‌ access.

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Jimmdean Avatar
14 months ago
$150? ouch! do yourself a favor and get the 1GB plan and buy your own Apple TV.
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MysticCow Avatar
14 months ago
Our cable company is a pile of garbage, but the only thing WORSE than our cable FRONTIER. Sorry, but they can stick those Apple TV's where the sun don't shine. I've been burned on them once and once is all it takes.
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turbineseaplane Avatar
14 months ago

That's the problem...lack of competition.
All the Telco/ISP lobbying money has paid off!

We are all just pawn to their regional mono/duopolies
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krusnof Avatar
14 months ago

For those in the know, how is Frontier's service quality in comparison to Comcast or Suddenlink?
Personally only had an issue once, and that can happen for any provider. Living in the mountains but have access to 500/500, even the 2Gbit but don't have the need for it. It's lovely. Pretty sure some love/hate each and every single provider out there, so ... but I've been quite happy here.
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jz0309 Avatar
14 months ago

For those in the know, how is Frontier's service quality in comparison to Comcast or Suddenlink?
They took over from VZ FIOs in the area I live in, has been quite stable, 2 or 3 outages in 3 or 4 years…
I get ~100-150 down, and with 2 ATV 4ks that is more than sufficient for streaming… and I pay 85…
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dmylrea Avatar
14 months ago

You ain't kidding
Out our way, we spell it "Cocks"

They are one of the worst mega-corps out there in my view.
Horrendous -- HORRENDOUS -- customer service and price offerings and policies.

It's an abusive relationship with them, start to finish

(with them for 20 or so years at a shared family house with zero alternatives)
That's the problem...lack of competition. Here in San Diego, half the county is Spectrum and and half is COX and nowhere do the two co-mingle. Most places you have the choice of ATT, but that's going from bad to worse. On my street, AT&T fastest offer is 75Mbps internet (practically DSL).
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