MacRumors 2022 Blood Drive

MacRumors is pleased to announce our Thirteenth Annual MacRumors Blood Drive, throughout the month of May 2022. With your help we can save lives by increasing the number of donations of blood, platelets, and plasma. While most blood drives are specific to a geographic location, our blood drive is online and worldwide.

blood drive 2022
Over the past 12 years, MacRumors Blood Drives have recorded donations of 1056 units units of blood, platelets, and plasma, and celebrated new signups for the organ donor and bone marrow registries. We've heard from first-time donors, from users who donate regularly, and from users whose lives were saved by the blood donations of strangers.

This year's featured blood donor is user chengengaun, who lives in Singapore. chengengaun has participated in the MacRumors Blood Drive and has also registered for the bone marrow registry.

featured donor 2022

How to participate in the MacRumors Blood Drive - during May 2022

  1. If you are an eligible donor, schedule a blood, platelet, or plasma donation (see FAQ), at any donation center near you. Post in the MacRumors 2022 Blood Drive! thread to tell us about it. Also post if you register as an organ donor or register for the bone marrow registry (see FAQ). We'll add all donors and registrants to our Honor Roll.
  2. If you aren't eligible to donate, please encourage someone else to make a donation, and let us know. If they donate, you'll both be added to our Honor Roll.
  3. Share our message with friends, relatives, and followers. Thank the people who post in the MacRumors 2022 Blood Drive! thread.

How to participate in the MacRumors Blood Drive - from June 2022 to April 2023

In between the MacRumors Blood Drives each May, record your donations on our Team MacRumors page. We'll tally your donations and count them for the MacRumors Blood Drive next May.

  1. Go to the Team MacRumors page and click PLEDGE TO GIVE BLOOD. (Bookmark the page for the future.)
  2. Fill in your MacRumors username as your first name and @ macrumors as your last name.
  3. In the comments field, tell us what type of donation and how many units, e.g., 1 unit of whole blood, 2 units of platelets, etc.
  4. The email address and zip code fields don't matter. MacRumors won't use that information.

We look forward to another successful MacRumors Blood Drive!

Top Rated Comments

EightBitJoe Avatar
14 months ago
Knock yourself out, straights. ??
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TJovian Avatar
14 months ago

Knock yourself out, straights. ??
Came here to leave a similar comment. Been in a monogamous relationship with the same person for over a decade, but the FDA bans my O neg solely because I married a dude. I am glad to see the updates to the blood ban lowering the celibacy window, but I’m not killing my marriage bed for any duration of time when the non-MSM crowd can have all the sex they want with all the partners they want and waltz into a Red Cross without ever knowing their own status.
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alfonsog Avatar
14 months ago

Knock yourself out, straights. ??
If you're gay you can donate as long as you haven't had sex with a guy in 3 months; they changed it in 2020. It's still kind of ridiculous but at least it's not 12 months anymore or never. Or you could just lie about it like one of my friends does, but I would never do that. I was able to donate a few times last year as I've been celibate since covid started although I'm trying to date again.

I have diabetes so the fingerpick is nothing. I'm hoping the watch will eventually be able to do blood sugar tracking but I think that is a few years away.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Premium1 Avatar
14 months ago

Vaccinated or unvaccinated blood?
I'm vaccinated and donated blood a few months ago with no issues.

Edit: Not sure why someone is mad that I got the vaccine and can donate blood. Must be one of those tin hat wearing crazies ??‍♂️
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)
FloatingBones Avatar
14 months ago

They prick your finger every time to draw blood for some test. since I have been going so often the nerves in my finger hurt from all the pricks.
Funny you should mention this. I'm a regular donor; I find the finger prick to measure hemoglobin levels the most annoying part of donating. My local donation center used to prick at the center of the fingerprint. Ouch! About 6 months ago, they shifted to the side of the finger. This is a huge improvement: less pain and faster healing. I thanked them for improving the procedure. This technique is fairly well-known; these instructions are for diabetics who self-test ('https://www.******************/type-2-diabetes/living-with/tips-reduce-finger-prick-pain/'). The next time you go in, ask them to do it to the side. If they balk, ask to see the supervisor and repeat the instructions to them. It's worth it for the Red Cross (or whoever you donate with) to get this right. Other donors will appreciate your efforts to have them up their game with a smooth painless experience for donors.

Fun fact about hemoglobin tests: after raising my Vitamin D3 supplementation to 5000IU/day, my blood hemoglobin levels regularly report at a bit above 15gm/dL. This may be related to higher efficiency recycling old blood cells (''). Anyone who has difficulty with low hemoglobin levels may benefit from raising D3 supplementation.
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)
timmy_apple Avatar
14 months ago
Vaccinated or unvaccinated blood?
Score: 6 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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