Apple Maps Cycling Directions Now Available in Chicago, Detroit, and More US Cities

Apple has added cycling directions for several parts of the Midwest, including Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Charleston.

According to Apple Maps enthusiast Justin O'Beirne, the updated coverage reportedly includes all of Ohio and West Virginia, as well as parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Virginia.

Since the beginning of April, Apple has been quietly adding cycling directions for parts of the Northeast, which suggests to O'Beirne that Texas and the Gulf Coast could receive coverage next, based on the pattern of Apple's map expansions.

Cycling directions take into account elevation, how busy a street is, and whether there are stairs along the route. The feature launched last year in a limited number of regions, and Apple has been gradually expanding support since.

Apple maintains a list of all of the areas where cycling directions are available on its website, but the latest locations have yet to be added. Outside of the U.S., cycling directions are officially available in Barcelona and London as well as cities in Canada and in mainland China.

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chenks Avatar
5 weeks ago
ironically, we have a well published national cycle network here in the UK

apple maps knows nothing about it, yet if i choose walking directions it routes me along the cycle path network (which can also be used for walking).

don't let the apple apologists make you think otherwise, cycling data is out there to be used, apple just choose to not use it. jeez even openstreetmap has infinitely more data than apple maps has.

apple are too busy trying to make the maps look pretty rather than concentraing on the data that makes maps usuable.
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ejpeg Avatar
5 weeks ago
Very slow progress… where are the cycling directions for the Netherlands? The bike country? I mean London and Barcelona but not Amsterdam?
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headlessmike Avatar
5 weeks ago

Bikes lanes are such a waste of space in Detroit. It’s freezing here half the year and even in the “summer” its very rare you ever see anyone use them. All they did was make traffic worse.
I live in an arctic region and there's plenty of people here riding to work all year around on bikes, myself included. You need infrastructure in place before people can change their habits. Once I realized how much time I save (almost an hour per day) by riding the 10 miles I commute each way by choosing my bike over the car or train, I never looked back.
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SueperDrive Avatar
5 weeks ago
Unfortunately a very slow progress.
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bluespark Avatar
5 weeks ago

I'm not putting my life in the hands of Apple Maps in Chicago. Does it have a reminder so you don't forget yout bullet proof vest?
I've never understood this reflexive comment by some whenever Chicago is mentioned. It's a beautiful city (arguably America's most beautiful city) with lots of bike lanes and they are used all the time. While gun violence is a big problem in certain areas, there are a number of U.S. cities with more gun violence per capita, and many areas within Chicago are quite safe as compared to other large U.S. cities. People dine and drink outside, kids play in their front yards, and people flock to the river and beaches along Lake Michigan for outdoor activities.

OTOH, if some of you are convinced we are ducking bullets, then perhaps we don't want you here anyway.
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cupcakes2000 Avatar
5 weeks ago

i said apple knows that the route exists in the mapping system - i never mentioned or assumed where they got the route from.

the link i posted was only to show that this country has a national cycle network that every other mapping system seems to know about.

you are the only person that made an assumption, and an incorrect one at that.
classis apple apologist tactics. form over function every time. oooh look at the shiny 3d building, good luck trying to get there though as our routing data is poor.
Adding "Apple apologist" in to each statement you make, doesn't help with your backtracking, or indeed do anything than make you look like a child.

You clearly inferred that Apple could use all existing information regarding routes, when it's just not necessarily the case.

apple maps knows nothing about it, yet if i choose walking directions it routes me along the cycle path network (which can also be used for walking).

don't let the apple apologists make you think otherwise, cycling data is out there to be used, apple just choose to not use it.
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