Apple TV App Comes to Philips MediaSuite Hotel Room TVs

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Apple's official TV app is now available to hotel guests whose rooms come with a Philips MediaSuite hospitality television set.
AppleTVplus philips

PPDS, the global provider of Philips TV products for the hospitality market, has partnered with Apple to bring the TV app to Philips MediaSuite installed hotels, where guests can now gain access to their Apple TV+ subscription when away from home.

With the Apple TV app, travelers can watch original series and films from ‌Apple TV+‌, get curated recommendations for what to watch, and pick up where they left off on the shows and movies they're currently watching.

The partnership adds to existing deals with other leading streaming providers, such as Netflix – coupled with 4K Chromecast built in – to offer hotel guests an extensive choice of streaming TV home entertainment.

"I am absolutely delighted that we can now offer access to the Apple TV app, which features Apple TV+, one of the world's most popular TV streaming services, to Philips MediaSuite," said Jeroen Verhaeghe, PPDS's international business manager for hospitality. "Bringing even more choice to hotel guests by allowing them to stream the content they enjoy, in the ways they want. Heightened by the pandemic, streaming services have never been more popular, so it's vital to PPDS and the hospitality industry to keep pace and meet the new needs of today's travelers with our Philips professional displays."

The ‌Apple TV‌ app can be added to MediaSuite TVs through the Google Play store after the latest Philips MediaSuite firmware update has been installed.

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Smooch Avatar
16 months ago
The position of the tv in that image is really awkward...
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jjudson Avatar
16 months ago
As a VERY frequent traveler, it’s appalling what hotels are doing with their in-room TVs. In this day and age, they continue to lock down the external inputs, preventing guests from plugging their own devices in. The sets themselves tend to be in many cases old computer-style, low-rez monitors. The ports sometimes are difficult to reach due to nonsensical mounting methods. Over the years, I’ve become a television hacker, carrying my own programmable service remote and learning how to access the service menus. It’s absolutely ridiculous to have to go through this just to watch HBO from my iPad.

All of this might have made sense back when hotels offered pay-per-view channels, but those pretty much don’t exist any longer. I purposely search out hotels with accessible, modern TVs. I applaud this hotel chain for adding the Apple TV app, but I’d be curious how connect-able the sets themselves are.
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chucker23n1 Avatar
16 months ago

That's a nice room
…is it, though?
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heystu Avatar
16 months ago
When did Apple TV+ become "one of the world's most popular TV streaming services" - I must have dozed off... We have no idea on subscriber numbers which Apple keeps extremely tight-lipped about. I have TV+ as part of my Apple One subscription but rarely dip into it ?
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trvs Avatar
16 months ago
That room looks like an anxiety attack.
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arkitect Avatar
16 months ago
Bloody heck, this image does the article no favours.

That is an awful hotel room.
The TV angle is sure to give you a crick in the neck…

And don't get me started on the curtains!
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