Deals: Shop Record Low Prices on iPad Mini, Apple Watch Series 7, and iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Today we're tracking a few different deals, including all-time low prices on the iPad mini 6, Apple Watch Series 7, and iPad Pro Magic Keyboard. These discounts can all be found on Amazon.

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iPad mini

Starting with the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad mini, Amazon has this model for $459.00 in three colors, down from $499.00. This is a match of the previous record low price on the 2021 iPad mini, and all models are shipped and sold by Amazon.

For more storage, you can also get the 256GB Wi-Fi iPad mini for $599.00, down from $649.00. This one is available in two colors at this sale price, and both versions of the iPad mini are in stock and ready to ship today.

Apple Watch Series 7

The 41mm GPS Apple Watch Series 7 in Midnight Aluminum with Midnight Sport Band is down to $339.00 today, down from $399.00. Only Midnight is being discounted to this price on Amazon.

apple watch series 7 aluminum colors yellowbg

Although it's just one color, this is a match of the previous all-time low price that we saw on this model earlier in 2022. If you want a different color and are willing to spend a bit more, all other aluminum 41mm models are priced at $349.00.

Magic Keyboard

Next you can save on both of the 2021 Magic Keyboards for the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, starting at $239.19 for the 11-inch model, down from $299.00. This deal is only available in White.

2021 Magic Keyboard Blue

The Magic Keyboard for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is priced at $293.00, down from $349.00. Similar to the 11-inch model, this one is only available in White. Both models are in stock and sold directly from Amazon.

Both of these Magic Keyboards are all-time low prices for each respective model, and currently only Amazon is discounting the accessories.

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Top Rated Comments

lazyrighteye Avatar
16 months ago
I jumped on this mini deal a couple of months back. Hands down my favorite iPad I’ve owned.
Score: 3 Votes (Like | Disagree)
HobeSoundDarryl Avatar
16 months ago
I agree Mini 6 is spectacular! I use mine every day & night.
Score: 3 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Geminiwave Avatar
16 months ago
one thing to be careful about. you can't return apple accessories or devices at Amazon without calling and getting permission from Apple. I think this is a new policy but I ran into this with the magic keyboard. it was defective when I got it (couldn't hold the iPad weight up. kept flopping down). it was shipped and sold by Amazon. I tried to return it and the return process halted and said I had to call tech support. fine. I called tech support and after going through a lot of questions, they said that I had to call apple, get permission form them, and then call back to amazon with a permission code and then they could handle the return. I probed a lot and escalated up into management and they confirmed that you CANNOT return apple gear without permission from apple. I tried to call the apple number and it's only available during 9-5 M-F Pacific time. right smack dab during work hours.
Score: 2 Votes (Like | Disagree)
code-m Avatar
16 months ago

Oh wow... I literally jumped in to this thread, like I have most every thread talking about this issue, to say "maybe it's my softening eyes, but I have yet to notice any scrolling screen issues." But before doing so, I went back to my mini 6, launched Safari, and stated scrolling back and forth real fast. Nothing. So then I slowed the back and forth down and BOOM - jelly time! Super. Interesting. I've had this iPad almost 2 months and never once noticed nor thought a thing about any scrolling screen anything. I'll be interested to see if it will become something I can't unsee. Again, super interesting.

Anyway, I do live this little iPad. Easily my fav iPad to date. And definitely bump up from the base 64. I mean, 64? Seriously? Why?
I agree I also liked the mini 6, until I noticed this while scrolling and then like a dead pixel or defective screen I could simply not unsee it. I compared the issue with the Air 4, mini 5 and not as obvious as the mini 6. It really is a shame. Hoping Apple Engineers rotate the screen refresh modular to the orientation that does not make this issue obvious while holding the device in a predominant portrait view mode on mini 7 and hopefully give it some form of ProMotion and quad speakers, FaceID would make this device perfect.
Score: 1 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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