Deals: Amazon Introduces First Discount on 14-Inch MacBook Pro, Get 8-Core M1 Pro 512GB Model for $1,949.99 ($50 Off) [Updated]

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Amazon has introduced its first ever discount on the all-new 14-inch MacBook Pro. You can get the 8-Core M1 Pro 512GB model for $1,949.99, down from $1,999.00. This $50 sale is the first time we're tracking a deal on the 14-inch MacBook Pro on Amazon, and the second overall deal following offers from Expercom.

14 16 inch 2021 mbps back to back feature orangeNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Apple just announced the new MacBook Pro models this week, and they come in 14-inch and 16-inch size options. As of writing, no 16-inch MacBook Pro deals are available on Amazon, but be sure to keep an eye on our Best MacBook Deals guide for when those start to appear.

Shoppers should note that the 14-inch MacBook Pro is a pre-order on Amazon right now. You can still order the notebook today at a discount, and it's estimated to begin shipping out on launch day, October 26.

The new MacBook Pro models feature a redesigned look, with a full-screen display that includes a notch with a 1080p webcam. They include M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, featuring a 10-core CPU with eight high-performance cores and two high-efficiency cores. This makes the new models up to 70 percent faster than the previous generation.

You can find even more discounts on other MacBooks by visiting our Best Deals guide for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. In this guide we track the steepest discounts for the newest MacBook models every week, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often if you're shopping for a new Apple notebook.

Update: A few hours after we posted, Amazon began discounting the 16-inch MacBook Pro as well. You can get the 10-Core M1 Pro, 1TB model for $2,649.99, down from $2,699.00.

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Adreitz Avatar
21 months ago

In my experience ordering from Apple is ALWAYS the advised thing to do. Yeh, you can save a bit by buying elsewhere, but Apple really have the power to look after you if you buy direct from them.
Not sure what you are referring to. These alternate sellers still provide full benefits, e.g. MFG warranty and basic AppleCare. These aren't gray market outfits.
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Mr. Dee Avatar
21 months ago
I would wait a few months if you are not desperate to get it. I jumped the gun on an impulse buy for my M1 from last year then 5 months later, same 512 GB model that I paid 1,600 for was going for the same price of the entry level model. Moral of the story, wait.

Also, speaking of buying from Amazon, I’ve had a great experience so far, since I was able to amortize the purchase over 12 months removing the scariness of the upfront cost. I have an Apple card but my credit was not high enough to do the installment plan. I wanted to so I could get the 3% back. But apparently I’m just too poor.

Qualified for a 3,400 dollar credit with my Amazon store card and used that instead. There were a couple of hiccups paying it off, but support resolved it (you gotta be persistent though). When the second generation larger screen iMac comes
out in 2023 I’m gonna use Amazon again. Apple store is great for test runs.
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sw1tcher Avatar
21 months ago

In my experience ordering from Apple is ALWAYS the advised thing to do. Yeh, you can save a bit by buying elsewhere, but Apple really have the power to look after you if you buy direct from them.
It doesn't make a difference if you buy from Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, or some other authorized seller. They will all have the 1 year warranty. And they will all offer the option to buy AppleCare.

Costco even sells AppleCare for less than what Apple does if you want to buy it, but why would you when Costco already covers it for an additional year, and if you pay with their Costco Citi Visa card, you get an additional 2 years on top of that for a total of 4 years.
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Macalway Avatar
21 months ago
Amazon's delivery dates are vague. "We will let you know", is all.

crap shoot.
Score: 2 Votes (Like | Disagree)
bunty07 Avatar
21 months ago has lower prices compared to amazon
Score: 2 Votes (Like | Disagree)
SantaFeNM Avatar
21 months ago
$150 savings if you buy through Apple's Education Store:
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