Apple Seeds First Beta of tvOS 15 to Developers

Today's WWDC keynote event has come to an end, and Apple has begun seeding new software updates to developers, including tvOS 15, the newest version of the tvOS software designed to run on the Apple TV HD and the ‌Apple TV‌ 4K.

Apple TV tvOS 15 Feature
Developers can download the new tvOS 15 beta by downloading a profile onto the ‌Apple TV‌ using Xcode.

tvOS 15 is limited to developers at the current time, but Apple will provide a public beta of the software to public beta testers later this summer. tvOS 15 will see a release this fall alongside iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, and watchOS 8.

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huge_apple_fangirl Avatar
26 months ago
What happened to homeOS?
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Diatribe Avatar
26 months ago
Now if they would only add the profile switcher to the Home Screen or make it mandatory before watching so my family doesn’t mess with my watch history anymore… :oops:
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zaneliu Avatar
26 months ago

Just tested it on my Apple TV 4K (older addition). Already works with apps. Even Netflix!!!!
Sounds amazing on my AirPods Max. Now I no longer have to use my iPad as my streaming device to get spacial audio. Made my day.
How did you get your tv to update? I can't seem to find an update after adding the profile

EDIT: Figured it out. Turn off get beta updates and it shows up.
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erbz Avatar
26 months ago

Is spatial audio in the beta, or is that a feature to be released in the fall? If in beta, I'll jump on board now for sure.
It's in. Confirmed a few moments ago.
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JSL1 Avatar
26 months ago
Hope they add IR learning for the Power button on the new Siri remote in tvOS 15.

For all owners of Apple TV with TVs, Projectors, AV Receivers and Soundbars without HDMI-CEC or incompatible HDMI-CEC, they need the new Power button to send IR for On and Off and IR for switching HDMI input to Apple TV.

Shouldn't be that hard for Apple to add learning IR for the Power button they are already doing the IR Learning for Volume + - button and Mute button. Settings App > Remotes and Devices > Volume Control. Select Learn New Device…

I realize that learning IR for Power On/Off requires you to cover up your TV/Projector IR sensor or have the Apple TV positioned so it can learn the IR for Power On and Off without the TV/Projector receiving the IR and turning off in the middle of learning.

To avoid the problem of a TV or projector turning off during Apple TV learning the Power On Off IR codes, Apple could do it with the help of an iPhone like they now do for Color Calibration since tvOS 14.5. Settings > Video and Audio > Calibration > Color Balance.

The new Power button should be able to control both a TV (or Projector) and Soundbar (or AV Receiver) via IR and switch the HDMI input to Apple TV. Some devices require discrete Power On IR and discrete Power Off IR, instead of Toggle Power On/Off IR. Apple needs to support Learning both types. (for example, to turn off many projectors you need to send discrete Power Off or send Toggle Power On/Off IR twice).

Apple advertises IR support for Power On/Off:

On the Apple TV 4K Tech Specs ('') page it states “Control your TV or receiver via IR or CEC”. With footnote (3) (''): "Powering on and off, switching input to Apple TV, controlling volume, and mute.
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ICULikeMac Avatar
26 months ago

How did you get your tv to update? I can't seem to find an update after adding the profile

EDIT: Figured it out. Turn off get beta updates and it shows up.
Thank you!
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