Apple Shares New Support Document Addressing Distorted Screen Issue on Macs Running Windows 10

Apple yesterday published a new support document detailing fixes for an issue where the right side of a user's Mac screen may be distorted when running Windows 10.

Some Mac models with AMD Radeon graphics may be experiencing an issue where the right side of the screen flickers and is distorted when running Windows 10. On external displays, this distortion may affect the entire screen.

Alternately, the Windows 10 installer may say that the Mac isn't ready for this version of Windows 10 because it has an old AMD graphics driver.

To fix the problem, Apple encourages users to install updated AMD graphics drivers for Windows.

If updated AMD graphics drivers aren't yet available, Apple offers a workaround when using an external display by instructing users to reduce the resolution. Apple notes that, while this step should work on most external displays, it will not work on the Apple Pro Display XDR and the LG UltraFine 4K and 5K displays.

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casperes1996 Avatar
16 months ago


If macOS automatic graphics switching is currently using integrated GPU, does it still use the dedicated AMD graphics memory?

For me, the system info shows two sets of graphics memories, I am confused as to when either is used and how they transition between memories if any.

Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB
Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
The Intel chip does not have its own dedicated memory. The 1536MB listed is part of the main system memory that can dynamically be allocated or deallocated as video memory. The video memory in the dGPU will only be used when it is active or if an application specifically uses it. You can programmatically control where the memory is stored so in part it's up to the developer. In theory I could write a program that runs on the dGPU but stores everything in main memory... It'd be slow but can be done. - The iGPU does not have access to the dGPU's VRAM, only system memory, but the dGPU has access to both its own and system memory.
Did that answer your question?

One of the many reasons I don’t use Windows any more. Shouldn’t windows update the driver itself, or god forbid, do a systems check before installing? I can’t begin to count the times when the installer would almost complete and then go “oops, found a problem”. So many hours wasted over the years
I'm a huge Apple person, and don't like using Windows myself, but this isn't Windows' fault. This is on Apple. AMD has shipped drivers and Windows does automatically install them... But not on Bootcamp Macs where Apple wants to be in control of the driver situation and ship their Bootcamp driver packages rather than just using AMD generic drivers.
Hence why there is
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Eorlas Avatar
16 months ago

One of the many reasons I don’t use Windows any more. Shouldn’t windows update the driver itself, or god forbid, do a systems check before installing? I can’t begin to count the times when the installer would almost complete and then go “oops, found a problem”. So many hours wasted over the years
Nice try. This has very little to do with Windows, as Apple controls the driver situation on a bootcamp install as well.

A potential proper workaround to this situation is to visit ; it's one guy who essentially takes the latest AMD drivers and works to make them compatible with W10 installed on BootCamp, rather than relying on Apple's archaic GPU drivers for Windows.

More importantly what people should be asking is: why doesn't Apple just let the part manufacturer produce their own driver, as they are already equipped to do? AMD and NVIDIA are much, much better at making drivers for their display adapters.
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GeoStructural Avatar
16 months ago

"Recovery: use a real operating system"
I don’t know what your job is but in my line of work you need Windows to get things done. At some point we had to use virtual machines on Mac and everything was so slow it was frustrating.

For academic tasks we use mostly Linux, for professional Engineering is Windows hands down. For gaming Windows wins as well.
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MauiPa Avatar
16 months ago
One of the many reasons I don’t use Windows any more. Shouldn’t windows update the driver itself, or god forbid, do a systems check before installing? I can’t begin to count the times when the installer would almost complete and then go “oops, found a problem”. So many hours wasted over the years
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MattMJB0188 Avatar
16 months ago
That's why you run Windows 7 instead.
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maflynn Avatar
16 months ago

Shouldn’t windows update the driver itself, or god forbid, do a systems check before installing?
Don't blame MS on this, Apple is the one who's producing the drivers, I've always had issues with apple drivers in windows, Apple's track record of supporting windows is rather low. I understand why, they want Mac owners to use MacOS as that's where Apple will make their money, as that keeps them in the ecosystem.
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