CloudApp for Mac Expands to iPhone With New App

CloudApp, a Mac app designed for visual collaboration and content sharing, today launched a new iOS app that expands CloudApp's capabilities to the iPhone and the iPad. The app has been in testing with a soft launch since December, but is now being officially announced.

CloudApp for iOS mirrors what CloudApp for Mac is able to do, allowing customers to upload images, videos, and files from an ‌iPhone‌ or download CloudApp "drops" that include screenshots, videos, screen recordings, and GIFs to the ‌iPhone‌. Uploading to CloudApp can be done from other iOS apps, such as the Photos app.

The new iOS app supports screen recording of the ‌iPhone‌ for creating tutorials or collaborating regardless of location, and there are options for previewing and sharing files, screenshots, screen recordings, and more.

There's a customized thumbnail view for quickly scrolling through available files, and key content can be favorited for easy access. Collections can also be created, letting users sort their content into different folders for better organization.

CloudApp for ‌iPhone‌ can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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1 week ago
CloudApp? Really? Worst app name I’ve heard in a long time. Trying to appropriate a core term, makes it seem like they’re trying to take advantage of people who aren’t paying attention, like, “no, see, this, our app, is the cloud you’ve been hearing so much about.”
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