Apple Watch Continues to Dominate With Estimated 1 in 3 Share of Smartwatch Sales Last Quarter

Apple Watch remained the world's most popular smartwatch by a significant margin last quarter, with an estimated 35.8 percent market share during the January-March period, according to Counterpoint Research. In other words, one in every three smartwatches shipped last quarter was an ‌Apple Watch‌.

Samsung was a distant second with an estimated 11.1 percent market share last quarter, although that is up from 7.2 percent one year prior.

‌Apple Watch‌ shipments increased 49 percent last quarter year-over-year, according to Counterpoint Research, but no specific numbers were provided. Apple has never disclosed ‌Apple Watch‌ sales, but its "Wearables, Home, and Accessories" category set a new March quarter revenue record of $5.1 billion.

Counterpoint Research's latest Consumer Lens survey found that ECG functionality on Series 4 models is the ‌Apple Watch‌'s most desirable feature. Apple recently expanded the ECG app to 19 European countries and Hong Kong.

While estimates can vary, it is clear that the ‌Apple Watch‌ continues to dominate the smartwatch market as it celebrates its fourth anniversary.

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10 months ago
Not surprised. Apple Watch 4 is definitely one of the best Apple products I've ever owned.
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10 months ago
Actually, that's not possible. The Apple Watch is too bulky. It needs to be round. It's like they just shrunk the original iPhone design down. It's just another solution in search of a problem. What can it do that your smartphone can't? etc.


EDIT: I never realized how much that watch face on the left looks like a virtual broken screen.

Rating: 29 Votes
10 months ago
The failure* that wasn't.

*according to the internet
Rating: 23 Votes
10 months ago
after an extensive research into smart watch and now owning a series 4 44mm, i can see why apple watch are so popular. too bad there is no android app else this would sell alot more
Rating: 12 Votes
10 months ago
Outstanding. Wearables is the future for Apple and the watch is paving the way for health features. It will only continue to flourish from here, Bring on Series 5.
Rating: 12 Votes
10 months ago
Actually, I’ve found the Apple Watch really useful for communicating with my autistic son.

We used to have problems, me calling upstairs for him because he’d be listening to the same 8 seconds of a song, over & over, or lost in his head and hearing nothing. Got him the Series 0 shortly after it came out and now I can tap him with messages, which he responds to without problem. We both have Series 1s.

Even helped me find him when I lost him at Disneyland for a bit.
Rating: 9 Votes
10 months ago
I was never really a fanboy of anything. I owned the first iphone and the 4,4s and 5, but I mainly used android my entire life. I was an early adopter on android wear and owned MANY android wear watched starting with the original LG Watch, Huawei, Fossil etc. Then I looked into Tizen with the gear s3. I thought "oh my god this is so much better". Then I got the Galaxy watch, but the fitness features where so frustrating and the HR monitor failed many times during workouts, spotify was broken etc.

I always eyed with the apple watch but I didnt really wanted to change to an iphone. Then I switched to iOS (iphone 7 plus) and got the series 4 44mm... OH MY GOD, its not even funny how the apple watch is so much better compared to any other watches.
Rating: 7 Votes
10 months ago

Not hard to have 33% of a piddly ass market for a gimmick product where nobody else gives a crap to be a part of.

Ah, yes, always have to find some way to spin things to make the AW seem less successful than it really is.

I see them all over the place, and I don't know anyone who owns one who hasn't found it to be one of the best products Apple has made (especially the AW3 and AW4). Just as owners posting here also claim it's a great product.
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10 months ago
I feel naked without my Apple Watch. Series 4 is a beast compared to the old Series 0 I had before. It's so useful now.
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10 months ago

The biggest is being unable to set default apps and services of my choice like setting Google Assistant as the default instead of Siri and allowing Google Assistant to plug into apps and pull the info I need.

If you are that locked into the Google Ecosystem, you are right, Apple’s devices will never be for you (not intended as a criticism, just an observation). What makes the Apple Ecosystem work so well for those that like it is Apple’s ability to deliver seamless experiences across devices and services. Once you try to replace all those components with Google services, Apple’s ecosystem just does not add much value.

Fine tuned security controls, anti tracking, ads blocked system wide, being able to turn off services inside an app that I'm not comfortable with running (something I'm surprised Apple doesn't have since their main selling point is security [see screenshot below])

Given stories like this (''), I am amused that you prefer Android over iOS for this issue. Apple already restricts tracking much more than does Google (which benefits from tracking and ads). You already share your data with one of the biggest violators of your privacy (Facebook wins the number one spot, but Google is always working to try to claim it).

Not letting apps run in the background (You have to keep the Google photos app open for faster upload).

This is an example of what I was saying in my first point. On iOS, using Apple Services (like iCloud sync), the app would not need to run in the background, as it would be integrated with the camera. Again, I am not arguing that you should not use Google Photos, just that since you are so embedded in their ecosystem, you are unlikely to be happy in Apple’s.

The smallest being Chrome on iPhone is just a wrapper for webkit, I want Chromium based Chrome not Webkit based Chrome.

See above. :-D
Rating: 5 Votes

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