Hands-On With the New Apple Watch Series 4

Apple today began shipping the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4 out to customers today, and customers have been eagerly awaiting their shipments today to get their hands on Apple's newest devices.

We picked up one of the new wrist-worn devices to see the design changes for ourselves and to provide a glimpse at the new device to MacRumors readers who are either awaiting their orders or who are still on the fence about making a purchase.

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Apple Watch Series 4 has a little bit bigger footprint but is slightly thinner than Apple Watch Series 3, and the larger display (35% larger on the 40mm watch and 32% larger on the 44mm watch) is the first thing you'll notice about the updated models.

Yes, the Apple Watch no longer comes in 38 and 42mm sizes - it's 40 and 44mm now. In the video, the watch we're demonstrating is the larger 44mm model, but for those of you getting a 40mm model, it's worth noting that the 40mm screen is bigger than the screen of the original 42mm Apple Watch.

The new display of the Apple Watch Series 4 is a hugely welcome change because it offers up much more area for apps and complications on watch faces. Series 4 comes with a unique Infograph watch face and the new Vapor, Fire/Water, and Liquid Metal watch faces were built for the device and fill up the entire screen.

Inside, the Apple Watch Series 4 has a new S4 chip that's twice as fast as the S3 chip in the Series 3, and the back of the device has been improved with a black ceramic and sapphire crystal backing. All Apple Watches now have this feature, which improves cellular connectivity by allowing radio waves to penetrate the front and back.

Stainless steel Series 4 models are using sapphire glass, which is resistant to scratching from everyday wear, while all aluminum models continue to offer Ion-X glass, which isn't quite as scratch resistant.

New this year is a gold shade, which matches well with the new gold color available for the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. Apple has also introduced an ECG feature, but it can't be tested because it's not rolling out until later this year.

Apple Watch Series 4 models sold out quickly after pre-orders began on September 14, and orders placed today won't ship out until October.

Did you get a new Apple Watch Series 4? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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18 months ago
I don’t say this lightly but perhaps the best upgrade to an Apple product I’ve experienced and that’s coming from a series 2. (Apple user since 1990.) The size and speed makes such a difference.
Rating: 9 Votes
18 months ago
Mine are sitting on the kitchen counter until the wife gets home, at which time she'll either be glad that she gets to open hers with me.. or pissed that I don't have them charged and ready to go.
Rating: 8 Votes
18 months ago
I finally took the plunge for the Apple Watch yesterday. After being an admirer for the first 3 generations but never feeling it had enough going for it to justify the purchase, I was finally ready after seeing the series 4. I went for the space grey 44mm aluminium and it’s a perfect size for my average sized wrist. After 24hours with the watch on, all I can say is, is that this could possibly be my best purchase ever. The notifications are excellent and a great way at seeing if the message is important at a glance. My screen time more than halved on the phone yesterday and hopefully that’s a trend that will continue. I used it in the gym today and it was so good to see all the info on my heart rate and calories burned etc right there on my wrist and I definitely pushed myself that wee bit harder so I could close the rings. I know I’m mentioning stuff that all previous models could do but this watch ticked all the boxes with it’s bigger screen and slimmer look. I opted for the non lte version as here in Ireland there is no company providing the lte feature and god knows when the dinosaurs in charge here will sanction a move for the technology to be available. Hopefully the EU will also approve the ECG sooner rather than later so I can try it out. Anyone on the fence about upgrading from an earlier model or finally purcashing the AW for the first time should not hesistate as it’s a real beauty and I can only imagine how nice the SS versions are in the flesh but they’re just too expensive for me. Any questions just ask
Rating: 5 Votes
18 months ago

The sapphire glass on my Series 0 is now 3.5 years old and still looks brand new. I was thinking of going aluminum for a Series 4 and saving a few hundred bucks, but I am concerned about the durability of Ion-X glass. What's the user experience with this glass?

Even the sapphire glass on the Apple Watch isn't truly sapphire glass. It's embedded into normal glass in small amounts. It's only slightly better than Ion-X, but not much. On the Mohs scale, the Ion-X will scratch at a level 6 and guess what... the Apple Watch's Sapphire screen scratches at 6 too, it's just less visible. Real sapphire screens scratch at 8. Tissot watches for example scratch at 8.

See here: [MEDIA=youtube]9EBgaxFfDA0[/MEDIA]
Rating: 5 Votes
18 months ago
Loving mine...the size is a good improvement and so smooth.

I feel the tap for notifications is a lot better and not as annoying
Rating: 5 Votes
18 months ago
Got the 44mm for me and the 40mm for my girlfriend.

Apple have pulled off their favorite trick.....make the previous device you had feel out of date, instantly.

Ok, so I didn’t have the series 3 before, but it’s a huge step up from the series 2. No regrets about upgrading.
Rating: 5 Votes
18 months ago

Can’t decide if I want the watch with cellular or not.

My phone never leaves my side, so I feel like I’d never used the cellular in the watch. Still, I feel like I should get it for the “just in case” moment..

Expensive gamble for "just in case." On top of the higher price of the watch, keep in mind the additional $10p/month to have that feature from your carrier.
Honestly, I don't think it is worth it. I am in the same situation as you. The only time I don't carry my iPhone is when working out and I like the idea of not being interrupted by a call during those times.
Rating: 5 Votes
18 months ago
Patiently waiting for Oct 5th when the Nike iterations drop.
Rating: 4 Votes
18 months ago
"The 44mm watch is now too big. It's like wearing a small phone on your wrist. "

The size difference from the 42 to the 44 is hardly noticeable. Might be a different thing going from the 38 to the 44 of course.

I've noticed on the local for-sale apps like Letgo and OfferUp there are dozens of Apple Watch series 3 for sale for $300 and up. People are trying to recover their initial costs. I'll keep posting bids of $99 until they finally give up and give into reality.

Well I paid AU499 for my S3 and have just got AU$300 for it. Since they are now selling for AU$399 new I consider that reasonable. I agree $300 (assuming US$) is a bit stupid as they are available new for $279. But given the number of people responding to my ad, I suspect you might be waiting a while to get an S3 for $99.
Rating: 3 Votes
18 months ago

Don’t worry about scratches, you wouldn’t want to use the watch more than 2 years too. It’s outdated pretty fast.

Funny, I just said I've been wearing my Series 0 for three and half years. If I felt it was outdated I would have replaced it already.
Rating: 3 Votes

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