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Apple Hosting Live HomePod Question-and-Answer Event on July 25

Have a question about the HomePod?

Apple announced that it will be hosting a HomePod live event in its Support Communities on Wednesday, July 25, providing customers with an opportunity to ask Apple support representatives questions about the Siri-enabled speaker.

Specialists will be on hand between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Pacific Time, answering questions about a variety of topics in real time:
Discover how to make HomePod your own: use AirPlay 2, create a stereo pair, personalize your setup and settings, ask Siri, and more. During this live event, Apple HomePod Specialists will be available to help you get the most from your HomePod.
To participate in the event when it goes live, head to the HomePod Community on the Apple Support Communities, sign in to or create an Apple ID account, click Post > Discussion in the upper-right corner, and submit a question.

Specialists already monitor the Apple Support Communities, and occasionally answer questions, but this event should lead to faster answers.

It'll be interesting to see how this goes.

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17 months ago
Isn’t it ironic that you have to ask human beings about how to use a device powered by artificial intelligence.
Rating: 48 Votes
17 months ago
If they can answer the question of "How the hell is my HomePod/Siri so damn stupid?" I will be satisfied.

I have a HomePod sitting next to an Echo show. I always *want* to use the HomePod because the microphones and speaker are so far superior, but what good is being heard and hearing great audio back when it's never what you asked for and usually "Sorry, I can't do that on HomePod".
Rating: 30 Votes
17 months ago
While I think this is a good think, it’s a bit unusual. I think it shows that the general community either isn’t sold on the device or really doesn’t understand more than its basic functionality.

I love my two (and really want a third), but it’s not super simple to manage. I think the home app I’m general is not very intuitive.
Rating: 21 Votes
17 months ago
One question.

Rating: 18 Votes
17 months ago
Well, I wanted more than a $350 egg timer that sounds great (and frankly was promised better/more). But it IS an AAPL product so I probably should have known that $350 for an egg timer is considered "a great thing" in the Apple reality distortion field and that I'm the unreasonable one for actually wanting something more than a beautiful device that really doesn't do what others do.

1) Get me an answer about something simple (that alexa and google assistant fire on with pretty damn good reliability) like "Tell me about the paul manafort issue".

2) *ANY* third party app data/task that isn't HomeKit. Integrations/skills - totally lacking, SiriKit is a joke on iPhone, it's even more pathetic on HomePod. Alexa can drive all kinds of things remotely and on its own, while HomePod can't even set a reminder unless my iPhone is on the same WiFi network.

3) Like I finished with above, even Apple's OWN ecosystem of things can't/don't work on it unless there's an iPhone on the same network. Sometimes my phone is in my car, it's dead, I forgot it at the office or home, whatever.

But you are correct: It's a brilliant speaker, but that is all it is, a brilliant speaker. *ALTHOUGH* even in that, no Bluetooth pairing support? Really? Yeah, AP2 exists, it's quality is ostensibly better, but sometimes I have friends come over with Android devices who want to play stuff and AirPlay 2 adoption sucks, soooo, no cigar on the HomePod. Even myself, AirPlay 2 itself is pretty damn buggy esp in larger WiFi networks, there are times I *wish* playing music off my iPhone would just use normal BT and not all the fanciness (and attendant things that also can go wrong) with more complex protocols like AP2.

Apple's whole thing is "our **** just works" (at least for me). It's never the fastest (despite the claims/reality distortion field). It's never the most modern (cute, the MBP just got DDR4 and 32GB and still has a keyboard that doesn't work). But I still buy it and pay the premium because, like I said, it just works without much fuss.

I've had way too much fuss, "I'm sorry, I am useless" from Siri, etc on HomePod, and not nearly enough "wow, it does this really well to forgive these other things". But if all you need to do is say "hey play this play list", it's probably the best sounding speaker in that price range that does that in one box without a phone attached. But it's not a smart speaker.

What are you asking HomePod to do? I've rarely had a misfire when asking for any music, timers, and general trivia questions.

Rating: 15 Votes
17 months ago
Ya, I have a lot of questions. Number one: How dare you.
Rating: 14 Votes
17 months ago
Oh man, you can bet your ass there is going to be trolling.

Apple really doesn’t want to get questions in uncontrolled areas. That’s why they only speak to reporters who are told what they may and may not ask about or biased YouTubers whose income depends on them being 100% nice about everything Apple.

And they especially don’t wanna start getting questions from a few of these whiney (but also often legitimate complaining :p) MacRumor's forum members.
Rating: 12 Votes
17 months ago
Interesting. I hope they get some tough questions.

You know, over things that aren’t in the manual, such as why they bothered with the HomePod’s development in the first place.

Joking aside, they do sound great. Great product, just not for me.
Rating: 9 Votes
17 months ago


what did you expect from this forum ?

I expected them to a) complain about Siri, b) complain about the price, and c) expect the session was an opportunity to submit their wishes and complaints.

I was not disappointed.

I did not expect them to recognize the session for what it is; just another entry-level way for Apple's customers to learn how to better use their Apple stuff.

I hope this forum's denizens stay away from this session in droves. That way, the people for whom it's intended may actually get some value from the event. I hope that the session can stay on-topic and works well for those who attend, so that Apple considers it a success and continues to offer more like them.
Rating: 6 Votes
17 months ago
The responses here aren't surprising, but really, people, what are you expecting, an interview with Craig Federighi?

Shouldn't it be obvious that it's an extension of the sessions offered at the Apple Stores? The point, as it is with any other session of this sort, is to help customers who own HomePods to get more enjoyment from them. That makes for happier customers who are more likely to buy and/or spread word of mouth about more Apple products.

If it's successful, then there are still more ways Apple's customers can interact with an Apple employee. This is especially nice if you don't happen to have a nearby Apple Store.
Rating: 6 Votes

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