Tidal Offering Free 12-Day Trial Starting on Christmas, Including High Fidelity Tier


Tidal today announced that starting on Christmas Day anyone will be able to try out its music-streaming service for free for a period of 12 days. This free trial will include the company's $19.99/month High Fidelity tier that includes lossless sound quality, and it does not require a credit card for you to start so all you will need is an email address (via The Verge).

Tidal's new Apple TV app

To celebrate its free trial, Tidal will release exclusive content every day of the 12 day trial. The content will range from four new original shows to interviews, music videos, and documentaries on Rapsody and Trombone Shorty. Additionally, free trial users will have a chance to win concert tickets, but to which specific show was not mentioned.

Tidal has been in the news recently for its reportedly dire financial state, with the company believed to have enough capital to last only another six months. In the wake of that news, Tidal launched a new app for Apple TV and Android TV devices so users can listen to music and watch videos on a larger screen. With the new free trial, more users will have a chance to check out the service's features and potentially bump up its "stalled" user growth.

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36 months ago

Spotify are offering 3 months for £1. Made it pretty easy to choose between it and Apple Music.

Isn’t Apple Music free for 3 months?
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36 months ago
Hey TIDAL haters, you’ll be better off if TIDAL survives. The fewer streaming services there are, the more monopoly power the remaining ones will wield, which could mean higher subscription prices, worse customer service, or lower royalties for the artists and record labels.

Before 9/11/2001, there were around 10 or so major airlines, plus some minor ones. Since then, many airlines have either been acquired by other airlines or went bankrupt. Now there are around 4 major airlines, plus some minor ones. The lack of competition is why service has gotten so awful and why they can nickel-dime us for everything.

We don’t want that to happen in the music steaming industry. Competition is good for consumers, even if there are some brands you don’t like.
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36 months ago

Tidal user here. Love it, what’s with all the hate? Switched to HIFI from Apple Music and not looked back “ if tidal gets shut down” I’d go back to Apple Music

While you'll get different answers than this, I suspect about 80% of the hate is that it's not branded Apple Tidal. If Apple had purchased Tidal instead of Beats, this crowd would be gushing about the highest quality music files vs. the crappy-sounding Beats, etc.

This crowd used to LOVE Spotify and Pandora until Apple joined the party and then both of them seemed to become hated/awful too.

Basically, post a thread about ANY competitor with anything from Apple and it's all terrible. Apple's unreleased HomePod speaker has already been crowned finest speaker on the planet by people that haven't even heard one yet and the various other comparable speakers from entities that are even FOCUSED solely in the speaker business are all increasingly being demoted to crap. I've even seen one guy comparing a $349 Homepod to a $40,000 speaker claiming at least parity of sound.

Hop back to threads BEFORE Apple announced Homepod and there's a good amount of us liking the competitor offerings now fading into crap... like we liked google maps so much before there was an Apple maps... and on and on.

I doubt there's any genuine OBJECTIVE hate for Tidal here. The game seems to be: if anything is brought up that is in any way viewed as a competitor for Apple, that anything must be bad, ridiculed, beat down, etc... whether we've objectively even given it a try ourselves. It's just bad because it's not Apple's version.

Then, let Apple adopt/acquire, etc the very same thing previously ridiculed & beat down and it can become "shut up and take my money" and/or the reason to upgrade. For example, hop back to when Apple spun 4" phones as "perfect" and we relentlessly bashed phablet-sized phones. Let Apple acquire Tidal and/or adopt the higher quality audio files that Tidal offers within Apple music and we'll gush at the greatness of it as if we never found a fault before it was Apple... or endorsed by Apple.
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36 months ago
Tidal is just horrible, only use for it is hip hop, but if your tastes shift even 1% away from that they have no idea what you're looking for, playlists are bad, app is disorganized. It looks like a poor spotify clone. I had it with the 6 month sprint promotion, but halfway in ended up starting to pay for Spotify just because of how bad it was.
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36 months ago
Ya I’ll stick to Apple Music. Much better selection.
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36 months ago

Tidal user here. Love it, what’s with all the hate? Switched to HIFI from Apple Music and not looked back “ if tidal gets shut down” I’d go back to Apple Music

Because it’s collection is smaller, it’s almost gone bankrupt a few times already, HiFi streaming isn’t great unless you’ve got unlimited data, and it’s algorithm to learn what you like is horrible unless your all about hip hop.
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