iPhone Remains Flickr's Most Popular Camera in 2017 Ahead of Canon and Nikon

As it does every year, Flickr today shared its 2017 Year in Review statistics highlighting various aspects of the photo-sharing community with lists including the Top 25 Photos of 2017, Top Devices, and Top Brands. For the Top Brands category, Apple has once again beaten out dedicated camera makers with iPhones being used by 54 percent of photographers uploading photos to Flickr this year, followed by Canon in second place (23 percent) and Nikon in third place (18 percent).

Over the past few years, iPhones have been rising up Flickr's Year in Review rankings. In 2015 iPhones were used for 42 percent of the photos shared to Flickr, and then in 2016 Apple's smartphones retained the top spot again, with 47 percent. Apple first surpassed Nikon to become the second most popular camera brand on Flickr's 2014 rankings.

The most popular iPhones used to capture photos shared on Flickr in 2017 were slightly older models: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 5s. In total, iPhones accounted for 9 of the Top 10 Devices of 2017, with the Canon 5D Mark III representing the only non-Apple product on the list.

The Top Device Types list has stayed the same over the years, but in 2017 smartphones have grown to account for 50 percent of photos uploaded to Flickr, up from 48 percent last year. DSLR came in second with 33 percent (up from 25 percent last year), followed by point and shoot with 12 percent (down from 21 percent), and then mirrorless at four percent (up from three percent).

Flickr has posted quite a few lists of photos recapping the past year, including the overall Top 25 Photos of 2017, Top Portrait Photography, Top Nature & Wildlife Photography, Top Landscape Photography, and much more. Flickr today also announced new partnerships for its premium Flickr Pro membership, introducing perks from Adobe, Priime, and Portfoliobox into Pro.

Those interested can read more about Flickr Pro here, and check out more of the best Flickr photos of the year here.

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28 months ago
Flickr still exists?
Rating: 25 Votes
28 months ago
Android users have too little time left for mundane things like taking pictures after fixing stuff and removing malware.

Rating: 18 Votes
28 months ago

Flickr still exists?

Flickr is actually an amazing website for photos despite the millennials thinking Instagram is da bomb. If you care anything about the quality of photos then Flickr is pretty damn good. You can view/download full size photos from everything up to a 100MP Phase One camera.
Rating: 16 Votes
28 months ago

Of course none of 25 top foto's was made with iPhone. (Yes, I clicked through all of them.)
What value does it have to know that 50% are crap mobile images?

The best camera is the one with you.
Rating: 14 Votes
28 months ago
You're telling me the single most popular phone model on the planet is used the most for shooting pictures?
Rating: 14 Votes
28 months ago
[These are just my personal opinions.]

Selfies and phone cameras are the death of photography as art. And, twitter and blogs (or, even worse, vlogs) portent the death of the written word as craft.
Rating: 13 Votes
28 months ago
Not really surprising given the popularity of the iPhone. I went on a trip and used my iPhone and Canon equipment. DSLR got shots iPhone couldn't even begin to capture. While iPhone easily got shots and videos that would not have been as easy in my DSLR. Options are great.
Rating: 11 Votes
28 months ago
I just use my iPhone X for photos , got rid of my DSLR camera.
Rating: 8 Votes
28 months ago
Flckr?! Isn't Instagram considered the definative photo sharing app nowadays?
Rating: 6 Votes
28 months ago
I am honestly astonished to see these comments. Is MacRumors even used by Mac users anymore?

First, Instagram is optimized for mobile so if you upload a 20 megabyte jpeg taken off a Canon 5D, it looks like this:

Here's the same image on Flickr:

See how the text on Instagram shot is blurry, colors muted, more grey / fuzziness? If you're looking at this on a 3.5" cell phone, you're not going to see the difference. If you're on an iMac, you will.

...but maybe that's part of the deal here and why mobile photos and mobile photo sharing is so popular and why people think mobile photos are amazing. You guys are looking at photos almost 100% of the time on tiny cell phone screens. When you do that, you're not going to see any of the problems with Instagram.

Flickr is a site for photographers. I'm amazed there are this many iOS devices represented there because of the extra work it takes to send your crappy cell phone photos there. To top it off, there is no more Flickr community. and most people share photos in order to get likes, comments and shares. With no community, what's the point in using it?

But, Flickr is exceptionally powerful compared to Instagram. I can browse my photos by tag, person, album, location and they have integrated some smart search so it can pick up the photo has a dog in it so if I search dog, it shows up even if "dog" is not mentioned anywhere.

Flickr is not where I store my photos though. I have over 100K photos in iCloud Photos all JPEGs and another 100K RAW images in Lightroom. There are 25K photos on Flickr, full resolution w/ a watermark. These are my favorite photos, ones I regularly share online and link to.

I personally don't get Instagram. why would I shoot all day just to share one photo with people. When I upload 60 photos to Instagram, I lose followers. 60 to Flickr has never been an issue. And I still hate the iPhone's camera for anything but checking into beer on Untappd ('https://untappd.com/user/adamchandler').

I'm not a professional photographer but Flickr is built for professional photographers and I've been a paid subscriber since 2005 and until Instagram builds up their website with albums, stats, geo-location and support for multiple photos (like thousands per album) with no compression that makes an amazing photo look ******, I'll keep using Flickr.

Here's my Flickr Profile. I'm not a professional but I'm really happy with what I've curated over the years: https://www.flickr.com/photos/adamjackson/?

I don't even think until now that people would compare the two. It's like saying why use Photoshop when there are editing tools built into Photos for Mac. One is a library and another is an editing platform. No comparison.

My 5D + 2 Lenses travels with me everywhere. It's always on me in my car, on my bike, on travel, by my desk. I don't make money taking photos but I'm always the guy people ask to take their photos for Christmas, engagements, parties. I enjoy it a lot. It's funny that the people who say camera phones are good enough still call me to take photos of them that matter :P
Rating: 4 Votes

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