Snapchat Gains Augmented Reality 'Sky Filters' for Adding Virtual Weather Effects to Photos

Snapchat is gaining a new feature called "Sky Filters," which are able to detect the sky in an image and then layer different effects on top, much like Snapchat's existing face-based filters.

Snapchat told TechCrunch that the new filters are rolling out starting today on iOS an Android. Available filters will rotate on a daily basis and will include virtual weather, sunsets, stars, rainbows, storm clouds, and more.

The new filters will be accessible with a swipe upwards on a photo like other filters so long as Snapchat recognizes the presence of a sky in the image.

In the future, Snapchat's filters will be able to take advantage of advanced face tracking capabilities using the TrueDepth Camera in the iPhone X. While this won't affect Snapchat's environment-based filters, it will make the company's face-related features far more realistic-looking.

Snapchat can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

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31 months ago
I'm still shorting their stock.
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