Drag and Drop Apps for iPad Now Widely Rolling Out on App Store

iOS 11 brings systemwide drag and drop to iPad, providing users with a quick way to move text, images, files, and more from one app to another.

Over the past few days, leading up to today's launch of iOS 11, a number of iPad apps have been updated to support the functionality.


You can now drag text messages, URLs, emails, images, PDFs, files, and more into Todoist, a popular task management app for iOS.

  • Dropping in a project, label, or filter view will create a new task.
  • Dropping in the comment screen will start a new comment pre-populated with the relevant information.
  • Dropping in the Quick Add button will start a new task pre-populated with the relevant information.

    Todoist is free on the App Store [Direct Link] with the option to upgrade to Todoist Premium for $28.99 per year.


    Eytan Schulman, a three-time WWDC Scholarship winner, is releasing a modern archiving utility called Zipped with drag and drop support.

    iPad users can simply drag and drop files onto Zipped's cardboard box icon to zip/compress or unzip/uncompress them.

  • Quickly open a ZIP file and selectively share or save the contents.
  • Files can be named manually or automatically.
  • Save your compressed or uncompressed files to the Files app on your iOS device, share them to any app, or send them via AirDrop.

    Zipped currently supports the following file types, with more to come: zip, .png, .jpg, .html, .pages, .docx, .pdf, .numbers, .xlsx, .pptx, .rtf, .txt, .mp4, .mov, .aiff, .mp3, .wav, .psd, .caf, .md, .csv, .json, and .js.

    Zipped should be available on the App Store [Direct Link] for 99 cents later today or by tomorrow at the latest.


    You can now drag and drop your 1Password-generated username and password right into login fields while in Split View.

    You can also drag and drop other items like credit card numbers and contact information from 1Password into web fields.

    1Password is free on the App Store [Direct Link]. A subscription costs $3.99 per month or $35.99 per year.


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    31 months ago
    iOS 11 will be a huge improvement, especially for the iPadPro.
    Rating: 5 Votes
    31 months ago
    This is why I love being in the Apple ecosystem. Developers actually care about the platform and make quality apps that integrate new feature sets quickly. Way to go developers, these are looking awesome!
    Rating: 3 Votes
    31 months ago
    I really need GMAIL to have drag and drop support so I can attach files more easily.
    Rating: 3 Votes
    31 months ago
    With iPad sales up again developers will actually care about the iPad apps now
    Rating: 2 Votes
    31 months ago
    There are certain iPad features that Apple should require devs support. Like PIP and split view.
    Rating: 2 Votes
    31 months ago
    Dragging and dropping passwords into form fields that auto populate from 1password's deep app integration left me like :\\\\\\
    Rating: 2 Votes
    31 months ago
    Pages, Numbers, Keynote
    Rating: 1 Votes
    31 months ago
    iPad Pro is very tempting now...
    Rating: 1 Votes
    31 months ago
    Finally gif-support in Photos. :)
    Rating: 1 Votes
    31 months ago

    Zipped, first I’d heard of it. Finally a zip utility without ads that actually works and is affordable. Instabuy here. Would like to see 7z support though.

    It's brand new :)
    Rating: 1 Votes

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