Hyundai Releases Software Update to Expand CarPlay Support to Additional Vehicles

Hyundai is releasing a software update that brings CarPlay support to eight new vehicles, including the 2016 Elantra GT, 2015 and 2016 non-hybrid Sonata, 2017 Santa Fe Sport, 2017 Santa Fe, 2015 and 2016 Genesis Sedan, and the 2016 Tucson.

The vehicles gaining CarPlay support through a software update join Hyundai's previously announced CarPlay models, the 2016 Sonata, 2017 Elantra, and the 2017 IONIQ. Hyundai has not officially announced the news, but dealers were sent a notice about the update on May 19. Dealer information suggests the update is supposed to be available as of today, May 24.

Hyundai owners with an eligible vehicle can download the CarPlay update through the Hyundai website and are encouraged to go through the installation process themselves. A Mac or PC with an SD card slot or an external SD card reader is required to download the software and transfer the update to the vehicle's in-dash system. Software download times range from 25 minutes for Display Audio to more than three hours for Navigation if a map update is required.

CarPlay took several years to roll out to new vehicles, but there are now dozens of 2016 and 2017 vehicles available with CarPlay support. Apple maintains a list of vehicles that come equipped with CarPlay on its website, which sees updates every few weeks.

Update 5/25: Several MacRumors readers have confirmed that the CarPlay software update is now available for eligible vehicles.

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48 months ago
Damn, I wish all manufacturers would do this. MB never released CarPlay for the C class they demoed a few years ago.
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48 months ago
c'mon mazda!
Rating: 3 Votes
48 months ago
I wish Jeep/Chrysler would release theirs already! And it better include 2016 models or I'll be fuming.
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48 months ago

How big was the download?
And does it connect through BlueTooth or cable?
Also: can you now see the same music layout as on your iPhone? For example the albums, playlist, artists and numbers?
And last one: what does "Maps" do? Does it launch the Hyundai stock navigation, or does it launch Apple Maps? If Apple maps launches, can you also still use the stock navigation?

1. About 1.4 gigs
2. Both, settings on iPhone to change it
3. Music app is actually pretty awesome. Access to playlists, artists, for you, new, and more.
4. Maps launches Apple Maps. You can switch back to Hyundai at the home screen.
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48 months ago

Website is down for me. Maybe they're updating it now..?

EDIT: False alarm.
Did you have that download tab before?

I definitely did, but it had a submenu that said Android Auto. That submenu went away this morning, and I got the screenshot you saw earlier.

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48 months ago

Would love to see more car stereo head unit models with CarPlay. I drive some old brick of sh*t and it seems like thats not going to change for a while.

There are some aftermarket CarPlay compatible units starting to appear, so we owners of old POS cars or trucks do have some hope... :)
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48 months ago
I just downloaded the Android Auto update for my 2016 Sonata... it is as advertised... NOT Car Play... at least al o the files in the image which eventually downloads are circa 2015... so I assume it's the old update.

It's after midnight for me... :(

Makes no sense to me why a more expensive car is getting pushed back.

they prioritize based on unit sales, I'm sure.
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48 months ago

Anyone have lists of apple car play apps. I might just make one

This is the best list I could find. It's mostly apps from radio stations (makes sense right), but hopefully we start seeing more apps now that there is so much growth of car models with CarPlay. Waze would be awesome, but who knows if it'll make it through App Store Approval.
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45 months ago
Got a 2017 Santa Fe Limited Ultimate w/tech package 2 weeks ago. I loaded CarPlay a day after I got it and love how simple and clean it is. Just makes sense.

I will say it took me over a week to figure out how to adjust the navigation volume. I could not figure it out for the life of me. A couple of days ago I figured it out. You have to adjust the volume in the car, as the navigation is speaking. It will not adjust if it's not actively speaking. This is what got me. I tried it a couple times before but I guess it was after it spoke which made no adjustment.

Other than that, love it. Always wanted this car as the features you get for the money are excellent. IIHS Top Pick + for 2016 as well.
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48 months ago

2017 Sante Fe Limited Ultimate

No downloads link on

anyone with this car get the update?

I have 16 Genesis Ultimate, and ultimates (the 9.2" display) did not get this update; only the 8" displays. I don't know if that is the case for Santa Fe's but it is definitely the case for Genesis Ultimate. Several angry threads on the Genesis forum...
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