Apple Seeds Third Beta of tvOS 9.2 to Developers

Apple today provided developers with the third beta of an upcoming 9.2 update to tvOS, the operating system that runs on the fourth-generation Apple TV and powers its built-in App Store. Today's tvOS 9.2 beta 3 comes two weeks after Apple released the second beta of tvOS 9.2 and two weeks after the release of tvOS 9.1.1, a minor update to tvOS 9.1. tvOS 9.2 has been in testing since January 11.

tvOS betas are more difficult to install than beta updates for iOS and OS X. Installing the tvOS beta requires the Apple TV to be connected to a computer with a USB-C to USB-A cable, with the software downloaded and installed via iTunes or Apple Configurator. Those who have already installed the second tvOS 9.2 beta will be able to download the third update over the air.

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tvOS 9.2 is a significant update for the tvOS operating system. It brings support for Bluetooth keyboards, allowing a keyboard to be paired to the Apple TV for text entry. Bluetooth keyboard support is a major feature that was missing from previous versions of tvOS and its addition should make it much easier to do tasks like entering passwords on the fourth-generation Apple TV.

Along with Bluetooth keyboard support, the tvOS 9.2 update introduces support for grouping apps into folders on the Home screen like on iOS devices, plus it includes a new look for the App Switcher interface and it brings support for iCloud Photo Library and Live Photos.

tvOS 9.2 also introduces MapKit so developers can incorporate maps into their tvOS apps, and it adds Siri support for US Spanish (in the US only) and French Canadian (in Canada only). UK English, Australian English, and US English are also now available as Siri options in the UK, Australian, and US Storefronts when English is set as the tvOS language.

We'll update this post with any new features that are discovered in the third beta of tvOS 9.2.

What's new in tvOS 9.2 beta 3:

Dictation - There's now support for onscreen text entry via dictation in countries where Siri is available. When updating to tvOS 9.2 beta 3, users will be prompted to enable or disable dictation. With dictation, Apple TV users can dictate text and spell user names and passwords rather than typing them.

With dictation enabled, the tvOS search bar alternates between a blank search field and an option to hold the Siri button to dictate text.

While speaking, a live levels meter is then displayed on the screen.

App Store Siri Search - Siri is now able to search for App Store apps, improving the app discovery process in the App Store. It's now possible to ask Siri to search for an app or to search for a category of apps, such as games and bring up a listing.

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52 months ago

There is an app(s) for that

These are not at all what I'm asking for.

If I purchase iTunes season passes to two new shows, add House of Cards to my list on Netflix, add Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee to my watch list in the Crackle app, and my wife adds a show to her list in the HGTV app....there should be a central feed of those somewhere in the main UI. The great thing about a DVR list is that it is easy to see what's available, click, and away you go. Checking 7 different apps for updated content is not a good experience.
Rating: 5 Votes
52 months ago

The news about Bluetooth being added is complete ********. When I bought the unit, I called Apple to ask why I can't pair my Bluetooth keyboard with it and was told it only supports

Bluetooth 4 (which doesn't even exist!)

Sure it does.

A total line of ******** from Apple yet again so they can push their crap out to market before it is merchantable. All for more money. Put out crap, lie to customers' faces, and hope no one notices.
a bunch of ******s.

I don't follow. They never advertised tv 4 to have Bluetooth keyboard support, so you bought a product based on an expectation that you didn't verify. Now they're adding it as a free update a few months later, and that's somehow not good either?
Rating: 4 Votes
52 months ago
How on earth was dictation not part of the original release? Its absence made the product look not ready.
Rating: 2 Votes
52 months ago
Is Apple actually encouraging people to voice out their passwords that will be sent to Apple's server to decode into readable text?

If that's true, that has to be the dumbest thing that Apple have done. Dictation should be automatically turned off for all password fields.
Rating: 2 Votes
52 months ago

Keyboard support is a good addition, but not innovation and should have been there with the new ATV4 at the start.

I have been using my PS3 / PS4 with a bluetooth keyboard since 2011... It is still easier to navigate Netflix etc, with a PS3/4 controller than the current ATV4 controller in any case.

Can you provide a link to the streaming device you developed that is so much better than than ATV? Since you obviously know exactly what it takes to release the perfect device on version 1.

The ATV4 was a great device when it was released, as is obvious by the sales that it garnered. It continues to get better with every software release, and as developers release apps.

Like many, I would much rather have the device with all of the great features it included at release, and wait for the less important ones like bluetooth keyboard entry until they're ready to release them correctly than to have to wait until they had it perfect in your eyes. Personally I would much rather type with my voice than hunt around for a bluetooth keyboard in those rare instances that I might want to type something.

Sounds to me that you are completely happy with your PS console(s) and good for you.
Rating: 2 Votes
52 months ago
finally, dictation!

this opens up the possibility for adding iMessage and facekbook apps on the apple tv.
Rating: 2 Votes
52 months ago

What with the best device ever of it's type...? As per your say-so? I don't care how much you love the device, that was not what my post was about. It is so sad watching you get upset by the fact I am not satisfied.

I was stating that it should have been so out of the box and is a bit 'johnny come lately'. You telling me otherwise and that it is "dumb" does not mean you are right. I am glad Apple do not agree with you, like many others on this forum. I am also glad you like to speak into your hand, I prefer more productive sources of input.

I comprehend just fine, you still seem to not be. As it (or you) still does not answer my original post and point as to why it did not have BT keyboard support out of the box. Was it that hard to work out before they released it? Also if it were such an unwanted and unused feature as you claim, why is it here now?

So what? I bought one and think it is less that the perfect device you appear to think it is, so what is your point?

Oh dear..., as I said. You are getting hot and bothered again.


I do not really have the time for your usual blind Apple fanatic Strawman arguments, that I usually get to watch you have with others. You like to jump on posts with your over opinionated versions of reality and think you can get away with it without reply.

Good luck with that.

You're coming off extremely defensive here.
Rating: 1 Votes
52 months ago

Dictation! Finally! No more one letter at a time, Thanks Apple!

....only fix now is the super sensitive remote that fast forwards an hour ahead when I barely touch the remote

Did you change the sensitivity in Settings?
Rating: 1 Votes
52 months ago
What I would like to see is more options on how the device handles audio streams. At the moment it seems like it doesn't do audio pass through. Also, for some reason I can't get Dolby Digital (or any other surround format) out of it by connecting it directly to my Onkyo AVR (TX-SR444), but things work if I connect the AppleTV to my television and then send the audio from the TV to the AVR by an optical cable. This means I can't for example run Dolby Atmos content on the Apple TV.

I also don't quite understand, why Siri needs to be linked to the Store location. I'm fine with communicating with Siri in English (my 1st language is Finnish) and things work just fine with my iPhone and Siri. Even dictation in Finnish works great. So I'm not quite understanding, what's taking so long bringing the feature to TV OS. The TV really relies on Siri. It's a horrible user experience entering passwords on the remote –– and yes, I can of course pick up my phone and use the Remote app, but it would be so much easier to just use the remote.

Would be great if a beta tester could report back if the audio dynamic range/loudness problems have been fixed (see here ('')). This greatly diminishes movie playback at the moment.

Oh yes, and the lip sync problem as well. I hate to rent a movie on iTunes just to realize the video and audio won't stay in sync.
Rating: 1 Votes
52 months ago
All of these improvements to search on the ATV4 seem moot until they let it index and search Home Share libraries. 95% of the media I consume via ATV are on the computer in my house. Why the **** would I want to stream something over the internet that's sitting on a hard drive in my office?
Rating: 1 Votes

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