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Pebble Announces New 'Pebble Time Round' Smart Watch

Pebble today updated its smart watch lineup with its first-ever smart watch that includes a round face, the Pebble Time Round. The new watch is an iteration of its existing Pebble Time device, which first debuted on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Pebble says its new round smart watch is the "thinnest and lightest smart watch in the world," measuring in at 7.5mm thick and weighing 28 grams. Comparatively, the Apple Watch is 10.5mm thick with weights between 25 grams (38mm Apple Watch Sport) and 69 grams (Gold Edition Apple Watch).

The Pebble Time Round is available in Black, Silver, and for the first time, Rose Gold, with band sizes of 20mm or 14mm. Pebble plans to sell several quick-change leather bands for the watch, with metal band options to come later in 2015.

While the Pebble Time's battery lasted for seven days and the Pebble Time Steel had a 10 day battery life, the small size of the Pebble Time Round means more frequent charging is required. Battery life is around two days, but there is a quick-charge battery option that gives a day of power in 15 minutes.

Like all of the Pebble watches, the Pebble Time Round includes an e-paper screen, but it does not offer full water resistance, with Pebble instead stating that it's able to withstand splashes.

Customers who ordered a Pebble Time Steel have an option to purchase a Pebble Time Round at a $50 discount. Customers can keep both watches or use the Pebble Time Round on a trial basis, returning one of the two watches at the end of 30 days for a full refund.

The Pebble Time Round can be pre-ordered from beginning today for $249. It will ship out in the United States in early November, expanding to the UK later in 2015 and other EU retailers in early 2016.

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47 months ago
That bezel though.
Rating: 36 Votes
47 months ago
My irrelevant opinion says it's the ugliest smartwatch I've ever seen. But hey to each his own. If you think it's awesome then don't let people like me tell you other wise
Rating: 31 Votes
47 months ago
That CEO looks really nervous and uncomfortable in that video. o_O
Rating: 29 Votes
47 months ago
...? Hmm? Nobody? Ok I'll go first.

Apple is doomed.
Rating: 26 Votes
47 months ago
The bezel is gross. Looks like a cheaper version of a Moto360. No wonder it's so thin, they squeezed all the components in under that massive bezel.
Rating: 18 Votes
47 months ago
The more I wear my Apple Watch, the better I understand it's rectangular shape. Sure, it' reads easier, but the design enhances the shape of our arms. The wrist is round, but the arm is long (rectangular) and flat which is why a rectangular watch looks much nicer on someone who wears short sleeve shirts - sure, the round is nice and it's a personal choice in the end, but the rectangular matches our body shape. Pebble looks like a toy and there is nothing professional or flattering about it. Usefulness; perhaps so.. Style and usefulness is why apple is selling so many watches.
Rating: 17 Votes
47 months ago

Ya, what's up with that. Why wouldn't you have the display go to the edges?

I would bet the screen is actually square for low cost and ready supply, and that the bezel is just a matte like in a picture frame.

Rating: 16 Votes
47 months ago
Guy is a millionaire from selling smart watches, and bunch of keyboard-mashers on Macrumors ridicule him. Personally I admire what he achieved via the most seccussful and second most successful Kitchstater campaigns ever. He's going to have a hard time competing in this market long term given the competition, but he can always lay claim to helping get smartwatches as a category off the ground. Let's see any one of you who ridicule him achieve half as much in your lifetime.
Rating: 13 Votes
47 months ago
2 days for an E-ink screen really? Sorry I'll stick with my 1 day battery life apple watch with very nice display and heart rate monitoring. just plop it on the charger right next to my iPhone
Rating: 11 Votes
47 months ago

"Pebble Time Round means more frequent charging ('') is required. Battery life is around two days"

Wasn't battery life Pebble's entire justification over the Apple Watch? This company is a joke.

Water resistance, longer battery life, more physical buttons, always-on display is what Pebble has over the Apple Watch. I find the Pebble to be a much better time keeping device due to those points. But I found the Apple Watch to be great in other ways (like messaging from the device, taking calls, more apps).

2 day charging isn't so bad. I charge my devices every night but in case I forget to do so it's nice to know I can still get another day out of the new Pebble.
Rating: 11 Votes

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