Apple Maps Vehicles Surveying 13 More U.S. States Later This Month

Apple's fleet of vehicles collecting street-level mapping data in the United States will begin surveying 13 more U.S. states between July 15 and July 31, including Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Wyoming. Apple Maps vehicles have been spotted in 15 states to date and will have reached 28 states in total after this next wave.

Apple Van New Jersey
Apple Maps vehicle driving in Monroe Township, New Jersey in May 2015

Apple confirmed last month that it is driving vehicles around the world to collect data to improve Apple Maps, and the mapping imagery is almost certainly being used to create a Google Maps "Street View" competitor. Apple Maps vehicles are also taking photos of businesses and storefronts in major metropolitan areas to replace current imagery provided by third-party sources such as Yelp.

The cities and counties in the 13 U.S. states where Apple Maps vehicles will survey…

Ada County (Boise)

Marion County (Indianapolis)

Jefferson County (Louisville)


Hennepin County (Minneapolis), Ramsey County (St. Paul)

Harrison County (Gulfport)

New Mexico
Santa Fe

Hamilton County (Cincinnati)

Lane County (Eugene), Marion County (Salem)


South Dakota
Pennington County (Rapid City)

Laramie County (Cheyenne)
Apple has posted a complete list of new areas in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland where it will begin surveying throughout the last two-and-a-half weeks of July on its Apple Maps vehicles website. In addition to 12 new U.S. states, Apple will continue surveying unmapped areas in California, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Texas, Utah and Washington.

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61 months ago
The driver is more than welcome to stop by my house and have a nice cuppa tea together.
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61 months ago
Van spotted in NYC

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61 months ago

Is anybody really using Streetview regularly?

Yep - I use it a few times a week, actually. Lately it's been a few times a day, as I'm looking for a new apartment and I want to check out what the neighborhoods of listings are like. It's saved me from a bunch of unnecessary trips
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61 months ago
mmmm..... can't wait to force touch for purple pin for streetview on apple map(!)
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61 months ago

Is anybody really using Streetview regularly?

Heck yeah. I use it to:

* Check out parking spots before I go into New York City.
* Preview intersections and exits (important up here).
* See what storefronts look like (it's often surprising how hidden they are).
* Check out neighborhoods when surfing for real estate.
* Show my wife what her new doctor's office looks like.
* Even read the parking signs ahead of time.
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61 months ago
We shall call it Apple Road View! Innovation!!
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61 months ago
Spotted this van a few weeks ago in Clinton Township, MI in the Taco Bell parking lot.

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61 months ago
Is anybody really using Streetview regularly?
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61 months ago

At this rate it would be ages to cover other countries.

I'm in India and i bought iPhone 6

LTE : non yet available
Apple Pay : Nowhere in sight
Apple Maps : Just photo of the globe, nothing else.

I'm hardly using half cost of the iPhone 6 in terms features.

Also, to mention i used iphone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone4 all on 2G network as 3G network was not available. Everything is so delayed here in India.

I have some Indian friends, and I often feel sorry for them and their countrymen. So many fine and talented folks unable to reach their potential because of so many systemic issues. They were far ahead of China, but it seems in the last 15 years the Chinese have passed them by. (This is an unscientific impression that I have, so if I'm wrong, please don't be harsh.)
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61 months ago

Serious comment though - doesn't the google van position their camera much higher than this apple van does? I would think that would provide a different (maybe even better) view than what may be produced by pictures from this van, since it captures a more aerial view point (seeing the street from afar).

At the same time a user might potentially want to have more of a human-eye level view so that what the user sees in Apple Maps would basically come as close as possible as what the user would actually see there when they are there.
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