Apple Watch Pre-Orders Now Shipping for April 24 Delivery

Apple has notified many Apple Watch pre-order customers in the United States and other first wave launch countries to confirm that their orders have shipped, with deliveries starting on April 24 as scheduled. All customers should now have access to a tracking number through UPS or another courier service to track their Apple Watch pre-orders leading into Friday's launch.

apple watch shipment
With the Apple Store's order status finally updated in tandem with a few early notifications customers have received from services like UPS, Apple Watch pre-order customers with a confirmed shipping status can now track their package through Apple's online store. Though yesterday's UPS notifications sent out to some customers focused mostly on areas in the southern United States, this morning's official update from Apple applies to customers nationwide and in other launch countries.

Today's update comes after a week of slight confusion for most Apple Watch pre-order customers, with credit and debit card charges occurring on Monday and a handful of order status changes soon thereafter, but with most customers still left in the dark for the rest of the week despite placing pre-orders early on April 10. This morning's news should come as a breath of relief for most customers who placed pre-orders as early as possible, and Apple still promises that dispatch dates beyond 4/24 - 5/8 could be coming in earlier than expected, as well.

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63 months ago
Just to lighten things up I had to post this from the Watch forum (from member Switchback666). :D

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63 months ago
This has been a emotional roller coaster for sure. I do hope everyone gets theirs in a timely fashion. In the meantime....... AWW YEAH!!!!!

Rating: 19 Votes
63 months ago
Over the past few weeks it's been funny watching people get their knickers in a twist because they can't get their hands on a gadget for a few more weeks - a gadget that they've managed without their entire lives thus far.. :rolleyes:
Rating: 16 Votes
63 months ago
I hope this will finally untangle the panties of some that were burning up the other threads about apple personally screwing them over / running their lives by not changing statuses fast enough.
Rating: 11 Votes
63 months ago
Rating: 9 Votes
63 months ago

Yes!! Yahoo!

Yes!! Bing!
Rating: 9 Votes
63 months ago
The 42mm steel model with black sport band is completely screwed up.

I would have ordered a Milanese band version if I knew they are shipping those earlier than the black sport band version despite what they listed. Only got the black version in order to get it early (and I got through within a minute of the preorders opening), and now I'm getting my watch later than my friend who ordered a sport two days after preorders started and had already received his tracking number for tomorrow.

This sucks.
Rating: 8 Votes
63 months ago
I really don't get all the "Failure to Launch" complaining that people are doing. Seriously people grow-up. You stayed up late and ordered an extremely high demand product and had the nerve to order one of the more popular options and now you wait. It is not complicated or difficult to understand. Just breathe and be grateful that you are one of the very small percentage or people who can even afford to spend this kind of money at all.
Rating: 7 Votes
63 months ago
And for those of you that received the EOD last night, sorry, you're SCREWED!!!
Rating: 6 Votes
63 months ago

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Great, now I am singing this song in my office.
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