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Apple Adds New 'Guided Tours' Page to Apple Watch Site

Apple today updated its dedicated Apple Watch website with a brand new "Guided Tours" section that includes several Apple Watch walkthrough videos. The introductory video on the site, entitled "Welcome to Apple Watch," walks users through all of the things the Apple Watch can do. Apple Watch Guided Tours are also being featured on the main Apple site.

The site includes dedicated videos on various Apple Watch features, like Messages, Faces, and Digital Touch. Other video walkthroughs on features like Phone Calls, Siri, Maps, Music, Apple Pay, and more, are labeled as "Coming soon," and may be added over the next few days.

The four videos available today are "Welcome to Apple Watch," "Messages," "Faces," and "Digital Touch." As previously mentioned, the first video is a walkthrough, but other videos are more specific. In "Messages," for example, we see a demo of how Messages works on the device. An incoming message causes a tap on the wrist through the Taptic Engine, and raising the wrist displays the message. Lowering the wrist dismisses the message, while tapping "Reply" lets the user pick a pre-defined response or dictate one through Siri.

There's also a walkthrough of the animated emoji that can be sent through the Messages app, and a demo on how to send new messages directly from the watch.

In "Faces," there's a demonstration of all of the different faces that are available on the Apple Watch, and a walkthrough on how to customize each watch face. A firm press on the watch face brings up a faces gallery and access to customization options. Each face has different customization options, from adding more detail like weather to changing second hand colors.

"Digital Touch" goes through sending sketches, taps, and heartbeats to contacts. Touching the side button of the Apple Watch gives you access to your friends list, where you can make a call, send a message, or send a Digital Touch. With Digital Touch, you can send a quick sketch, tap to send a tap to a friend, or hold two fingers on the screen to send a heartbeat.

These videos are also referenced within other areas of the Apple Watch site, with the Messages, for example, available in built-in apps section, and the Digital Touch video available in the "New Ways to Connect" section.

Today's walkthrough videos from Apple come a week ahead of Apple Watch pre-orders, which are set to begin on Friday, April 10 at 12:01 AM PT. April 10 will also mark the date when Apple begins offering in-store try-on sessions, giving customers the opportunity to test the Apple Watch out before its April 24 launch.

Update 6PM PT: Apple's added the Guided Tour videos to its YouTube channel.

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55 months ago
Oh fun, because I've been giving them a guided tour of my bank account for years now.
Rating: 67 Votes
55 months ago
Darn it, Apple, I was watching your guided tour video and my iPhone 6 was plugged in next to it... well.. this happened.

Rating: 24 Votes
55 months ago

Watching this train wreck gets better by the hour !!
Apple Flop 2015 !!!

Bookmarked for future reference :rolleyes:
Rating: 19 Votes
55 months ago

I thought Apple products didn't require a user manual to operate because they were so intuitive and easy to pickup. Now we have whole webpages to guide us through operating the Apple Watch? :smh:

There were guided tours for iPhone.
Rating: 14 Votes
55 months ago
Funny..... There's 7 more videos not released. I could see them releasing one a day until the 10th,if they started tomorrow.
Rating: 12 Votes
55 months ago

Let's hope so.

Ideally myself, I'd want a watch that can show anything on it's screen, with no company blocking what I can have.

You're up obsessed with this notion that Apple will block watch faces yet you have zero evidence to support it.
Rating: 12 Votes
55 months ago
Those videos make me want one even more! Come on April 24th!!
Rating: 10 Votes
55 months ago

Watching the "Faces" walkthrough I just had an ephiphany (maybe I'm just slow). The reason Apple has been so stingy about being able to customize the lock screen on the iPhone is because they wanted to push people towards the Apple Watch!

I don't think the two are related at all. That said, I won't be surprised at all to see complications make their way to iPhone/iPad lock screens in iOS 9 or 10.


Still think the whole "Faces" thing is pretty rubbish :(

And I quote:

Watch Faces:

"It's easy to make yours look HOWEVER YOU WANT"

Err, no it's not. We can pick from a small selection of only the ones you supply.
And WOW I can change the colour of the second hand OMG!

I know they won't let users make their own faces and REALLY allow you the user to "make yours look however you want"

But we must all be expecting officially approved watch faces to be up for sale pretty quick.
These built in ones are going to get real old, real quick, and all look pretty dull compared to what can be done

They have to start somewhere. They'll add more/open it up to devs in time.
Rating: 9 Votes
55 months ago

I want the Mickey Mouse one just like in the tv ad that has him dancing on the watch screen!

You and most everybody else. Let's hope we get Donald and Goofy and Minnie etc...


Thank god they didn't use Ive's voice. He sound so depressing and adds pointless words to his sentences to pad them out.

Wow, I couldn't disagree more. I could listen to him describe a tube of hemorrhoid cream, and I would want to run out and buy it.
Rating: 9 Votes
55 months ago

Watching this train wreck gets better by the hour !!
Apple Flop 2015 !!!

You're that friend who can't afford to go on the guys only fishing trip. And u spend the week before trying to convince all the other guys that fishing sucks and that the fish aren't biting, and it's supposed to rain all week. Yeah, ur that guy.
Rating: 8 Votes

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