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Apple's Ultra-Slim 12-Inch MacBook Air Rumored to Enter Mass Production in Early 2015

Apple's 12-inch MacBook Air and the Apple Watch are expected to enter mass production in 2015 as the company's supply partners have accelerated component production for both products, reports Digitimes. Supply chain sources note that the 12-inch MacBook Air will feature Intel's Broadwell processors and a new ultra-thin design. The new notebook is also expected to be available in limited supply when it launches due to yield issues with components, and will be primarily manufactured by Quanta Computer.

This information about the 12-inch MacBook Air provided by Digitimes lines up with previous reports, as Apple was rumored to be developing a new form factor complete with a buttonless trackpad and a fan-less cooling system for the laptop. Intel launched its new ultra low power Broadwell Core M processors this past November, which will likely power the 12-inch MacBook Air.

Aside from an ultra-slim design and a new processor, Apple will also look to offer the 12-inch MacBook Air in Silver, Gold, and Space Gray options when it launches in mid-2015.

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63 months ago
Apple might have an eating disorder.
Rating: 40 Votes
63 months ago
Why so long?

It's just a sheet of paper with an Apple sticker on it...

Edit: I found a leaked image:
Rating: 39 Votes
63 months ago

Hmmm, where is the display on that?

They had to compromise some things for portability and thinness.
Rating: 36 Votes
63 months ago
I'm tired of all these rumors.. It's not like I'm on MacRumors.. Oh wait.
Rating: 23 Votes
63 months ago
The current gen MacBook Air is already thin enough.
Rating: 21 Votes
63 months ago
Was 11" too small and 13" too big for some people?
Rating: 20 Votes
63 months ago
Just what we need......

Yeah just what we need a thinner MacBook Air. Of course there will be no room for connecting peripherals… will have to use the Jedi mind trick in order to connect any USB device.:rolleyes:
Rating: 10 Votes
63 months ago
It just suddenly occurred to me about the click-less trackpad.

The :apple:Watch has a pressure sensitive screen that you can press harder to get more effect.

Well that could be the same tech they're using on the new Macbook Air trackpad to make the click unnecessary and it not be as annoying as when you put it into "Tap to click" mode.
Rating: 10 Votes
63 months ago
Rating: 10 Votes
63 months ago
I just want Apple hardware and software that works. Not thinner, not a rush job and burning the candle at both ends: just a smooth working product as I had before Mavericks/iPhone 6/iOS 8.
Rating: 9 Votes

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