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Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6

Apple today released a new version of OS X Yosemite to developers, two weeks after releasing the fifth Developer Preview and more than two months after unveiling the new desktop operating system at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

The update, build 14A3429f, can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and through the Mac Developer Center. Apple has also released a Dictation Language update and Xcode 6 beta 6, though it appears the Xcode 6 software has been temporarily removed from the Developer Center.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 1.02.26 PM
OS X Yosemite brings a flatter, more modern look to OS X, with an emphasis on translucency and redesigned dock, windows, and more. It also includes a multitude of new features, such as improved integration with iOS 8 through Continuity, a new "Today" view in Notification Center that offers integration with third-party apps, a retooled Spotlight search with new data sources, and several new features for apps like Mail, Safari, and Messages.

Over the course of the beta testing period, each Developer Preview has added new features and refined the look and performance of OS X Yosemite. DP 4, for example, added a revamped version of iTunes with a streamlined design and support for Family Sharing, while an earlier beta introduced a new Dark Mode.

Today's Developer Preview is limited to registered developers, but in late July, Apple made a version of OS X Yosemite available to the public as part of a wide-ranging beta test. The pre-release version of Yosemite available to those participating in the public beta program is not expected to receive as many updates as the developer version.

Notable changes in DP 6:

Settings - The System Preferences menu has a new look with new icons.

Battery icon - There's a new battery icon.
Wallpapers - Developer Preview 6 introduces new Yosemite-themed wallpapers.


Do Not Disturb - The "Do Not Disturb" button in the Notification Center has returned in Yosemite DP 6. It was missing from previous betas.

Dashboard - The Dashboard in Yosemite is now translucent.

Icon updates - There are new hard drive icons in DP 6. There are also new icons for Font Book, Mission Control, Notes, Terminal, and Script Editor.


Messages Screen Sharing - A feature that allows users to share their screen using Messages was activated in DP 6. Screen sharing requires only an iMessage/Apple ID account and does not require users to have an AIM account as it did previously.

Update 6:00 PM PT: A new version of Xcode 6 beta 6 is available for download after being pulled from the Developer Center earlier today.

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65 months ago

Tried Mavericks and hate it. Interface makes me sick.

This is about Yosemite. Please follow the conversation if able.
Rating: 29 Votes
65 months ago
Check out the hideous color picker!
Rating: 27 Votes
65 months ago
Waiting for public beta updates...
Rating: 21 Votes
65 months ago
New hard drive icons...
Rating: 16 Votes
65 months ago
Heh, that extensions icon brings back memories. :)

Rating: 15 Votes
65 months ago

Good Lord gracious........ It is times like this that I wonder where Forstall is :(

People seem to forget he gave us this:

Rating: 15 Votes
65 months ago
My gosh those folder icons look hideous. I'm not a fan of some of the new icons in general but the folder icons take the crown, they are just plain horrible.

The general interface of sidebars and small icons are monochrome, why make the folder icons such hideous neon color that just looks out of place and distracting?

It's hard to describe but it seems they just lack definition/contrast and the color is just looks out of place.

Rating: 14 Votes
65 months ago
The weather widget now syncs with custom locations you have on your iPhone
Rating: 12 Votes
65 months ago

Check out the hideous color picker!

If you want to live backwards, feel free to do so. That is the future of the color pickers, a new minimalist style, with a futuristic look and smoothness, and whoever says the opposite...
... ok I can't do it. I love the new Yosemite design, but that color picker is one of the most awful graphics in computer history. Who the heck approved it?
Rating: 12 Votes
65 months ago
New Notes, Terminal, and Script Editor icons...
Rating: 11 Votes

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