Apple Launches New 'The Notebook People Love' MacBook Air Ad

Apple has launched a new television ad for the MacBook Air, "Stickers," showing off an array of customizable decals placed over the Apple symbol on the back of the notebook.

Decals shown include various sunglasses, hats, and headphones, along with nods to Breaking Bad, Peanuts, Ice Age, Snow White, Pac Man, Chi the Cat, The Simpsons, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Tasmanian Devil, Hello Kitty, Catwoman, and Mickey Mouse.

There are also cameras, record players, trees, faces, cityscapes, planets, scuba divers, 8-bit games, a variety of abstract designs and patterns, and more, plus a Beats logo. The new spot ends with a side view of the MacBook Air and the tagline "The notebook people love." Apple has also posted a "Stickers" page on its website detailing some of the decals in the video.

A celebration of all the many ways people love the MacBook Air, featuring music from artist/producer, Hudson Mohawke.
Apple's MacBook Air, last refreshed in April of 2014, is known for its portability and ultrathin size, weighing in at 2.38 pounds for the 11-inch model and 2.96 pounds for the 13-inch model. The MacBook Air is also Apple's most affordable notebook, with prices beginning at $899.

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70 months ago
I love the usage of the retro apple logo
Rating: 47 Votes
70 months ago
I love it! :D
Rating: 28 Votes
70 months ago
This ad addresses one area in which Macs have beaten PCs since their inception. Sure, there are software, UI, and hardware requirements that one must consider before buying a computer, but this is what most people need to know: Is there a logo depicting an apple on the back of my computer, and if so, will the surrounding surface allow for the application of stickers?!

The answer, of course, for Macs is a resounding "YES!". As a matter of fact, the sticker application area is up to 35x faster than leading PCs! You can even overclock the sticker applying process to reach 40-45x.

Slowest news day, ever.

I'm sure Arn will be speeding things up after such well-put commentary. :p

Rating: 27 Votes
70 months ago
This commercial is so out there, it's like Apple didn't even make it.
Rating: 24 Votes
70 months ago
That's a great commercial!
Rating: 19 Votes
70 months ago
The F! Macbook ad gets a revisit to the classic Apple logo but the pride parade gets stuck with this!?

Rating: 17 Votes
70 months ago
Digging the pre '99 logo.
Rating: 15 Votes
70 months ago
Who else noticed that they didn't have to trash their competitors?
Rating: 14 Votes
70 months ago
Never thought Apple would be promoting the use of tacky decals. But apparently I'm in the minority.
Rating: 14 Votes
70 months ago
The flicker between the rainbow logo and black was super cool
Rating: 13 Votes

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