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Apple's Spaceship Campus Shown Off in Rendered Fly-Through

Construction at Apple's "Spaceship" campus in Cupertino is progressing at a rapid pace, and while the circular structure is still far from finished, the old buildings on the 176-acre site have been fully demolished, roadwork is underway, and the outer walls of the campus are taking shape, outlining where foundation will be poured.

Apple isn't slated to finish its the first construction phase of its second campus until 2016, but a video rendering from Technology Integration Services, a company that focuses on 3D design, shows what Apple Campus 2 might look like when it is completed.

Created from public plans of the structure's design, the video shows the multi-story circular building surrounded by greenery, as well as all of the additional buildings and parking structures that Apple plans to add to the area. There are hiking paths snaking around the property, in addition to a performance stage in the middle and a massive fountain area where employees can gather.

Current progress on Apple Campus 2 as of June 12, image courtesy of Ron Cervi

The first phase of construction on the property includes a 2.8 million square foot ring-shaped main building, an underground parking facility capable of holding 2,400 cars, a 100,000 square foot fitness center, and a 120,000 square foot auditorium for events. Apple has plans to add more than 4,500 trees to the area, creating a lush working environment for employees.

Phase 2 of construction, to take place after 2016, will add research and development buildings and additional parking.

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62 months ago

Won't it take a very large amount of water on a very regular basis in order to keep all that green from dying out? Or is an environment like that self-sustained?

(I'm not dissing, just ignorant on the matter, looking for clarification)

They've done an extensive review of what it's going to take. They're planting thousands of native trees that actually are meant to be in the dry Cupertino environment, so watering isn't much of an issue. As for the grass, much of it will be grasslands so there will be large sections of un-manicured long grass growing as it normally would.

Apple's environmental report:

They've gone whole hog on the environmental planning of this place, it's really something.
Rating: 7 Votes
62 months ago
I need to get there now and camp out, so they build it around me! That's the only way I'll get access to the building!
Rating: 5 Votes
62 months ago
They're literally putting back the original biodiversity that was paved over to create Silicon Valley as we know it.

Hopefully this is the next thing to get copied. I don't think anyone could be against putting more fruit back in the fruit bowl.

As for the distance between buildings, I can't imagine working there and going "I hate having to go outside and walk through all those trees on a inevitably sunny and cool Northern California today such as today, I might even get some exercise. This is terrible."
Rating: 5 Votes
62 months ago

It seems like it will take forever to get from point A to B.

Indeed, and is why buildings are not made this was as you want to be able to get from any point to any point in an easy manner. not walk all the way round a doughnut or across the middle when its pouring the rain.

Something strikes me about how Insular this all looks. Like a castle wall to keep others out, it does not give the feeling of openness, quite the opposite.

Like a castle / prison to keep people out.

As you would expect, it's done to be different.

I wonder how Apple would feel if the builders say.

"Ok Mr Apple, all done now, and glued closed on all the work"
"You won't be able to upgrade or change anything"
"If in a years time you want a part of it improved, we will sell you a new one"

Rating: 3 Votes
62 months ago
It's actually one big Touch ID for giants. :D
Rating: 3 Votes
62 months ago
Spaceship Parking

The parking structures look pretty far away from the building. Seems like a bit of an inconvenience.

Underground parking in Phase 1. Additional above ground parking garage in Phase 2. Mass transit, car pooling, bicycle, etc. are encouraged for staff.

Also, walking through forest & gardens in sunny southern California is not inconvenient.
Rating: 3 Votes
62 months ago

I might be mistaken but I understood underground parking to mean it is under the main building.

There are two underground parking levels in the basement of the circular structure providing more than 2200 parking spaces. Note that underground the ring is thicker (maybe 30% thicker). About 6000 parking spaces will be in the big structures on the southern end.

A selection of plans (

Detailed plans (
Rating: 3 Votes
62 months ago

gorgeous, but it's form above function, which seems unusual for Apple.

How do you figure?
Rating: 2 Votes
62 months ago
Good for Apple! I hope this campus is the first in continued growth.
Rating: 2 Votes
62 months ago

MY god man... Thats what you focus on...? Someone shows you a cool building and you lock in on that? Really? See a shrink, get soma happy pills.

Does that mean I can't point out the audio was boosted so loud in the video it was slightly distorted? :p
Rating: 2 Votes

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