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Skybox Can Predict iPhone Launch Using Satellite Imagery

The Wall Street Journal profiles one of Google's recent acquisitions which has implications on mapping, competitive intelligence and even privacy. Skybox Imaging is an intelligence company that by the year 2018 will be able to take satellite imaging to the next level:
By the time its entire fleet of 24 satellites has launched in 2018, Skybox will be imaging the entire Earth at a resolution sufficient to capture, for example, real-time video of cars driving down the highway. And it will be doing it three times a day.
The ability to take such frequent imaging will certainly aid Google's Maps product, but it also opens up a market for competitive intelligence. Skybox says they are already looking at Foxconn every week and are able to pinpoint the next iPhone release based on the density of trucks outside their manufacturing facilities.

Google plans on initially using the technology to improve their Maps product, potentially providing more up-to-date satellite images, but Skybox executives have long term plans for offering their data to outside developers for a fee.

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68 months ago
Cool technology! Maybe they can figure out why my wife keeps doing unpaid overtime at her employer's hotel. :confused:
Rating: 40 Votes
68 months ago
This seems analogous to using nuclear radiation to cook a pop tart.
Rating: 25 Votes
68 months ago
Forget the iPhone launches. When is someone going to invent a technology to predict Mac Mini refreshes?
Rating: 24 Votes
68 months ago

So can a guy with a few hundred bucks and a willingness to bribe someone at Foxconn. Not to mention anyone with a calendar, an Internet connection, and the ability to read Apple's special-event announcements.
Rating: 22 Votes
68 months ago
Google continues to prove they are nothing more than the NSA's lap dog....
Rating: 22 Votes
68 months ago

Or is it actually :eek:
Rating: 21 Votes
68 months ago
Google sucks. Can't stand the company, there products, or there sub-contracted products.
Rating: 16 Votes
68 months ago
"We've noticed you're driving to Best Buy. Here are some coupons you can use, all tagged with specials codes so we can see what you bought to improve your future recommendations."
Rating: 13 Votes
68 months ago
This is scary, in the wrong hands.
Rating: 12 Votes
68 months ago
Considering the numerous fines Google has seen with its mapping services, I feel like this is just asking for another court case.
Rating: 11 Votes

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