iWatch Reportedly Launching in October with iOS 8 and Curved OLED Touchscreen

Apple's highly rumored "iWatch" smartwatch is expected to launch in October and will run a version of iOS 8, according to a new report from Japanese business newspaper Nikkei.

Traditional watch-style iWatch concept based on TRIWA's Havana Nevil Brown watch, by Gábor Balogh

Sources tell the paper that Apple has begun finalizing specs for the device, as it will use a curved OLED touchscreen while utilizing biometric sensors to collect health-related data such as calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood oxygen levels and more, in line with recent rumors.
Apple appears confident of the new product. According to a parts manufacturer, it plans monthly commercial output of about 3-5 million units, which exceeds the total global sales of watch-like devices last year.
The news contrasts a report from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White yesterday, which stated that iWatch production would begin gearing up this month ahead of a September launch alongside the iPhone 6.

While not much is known about the iWatch's physical features, rumors have suggested the device will come in two separate sizes of 1.3 inches and 1.5-1.7 inches. It is also likely that the iWatch's biometric sensors will work with Apple's new Health app in iOS 8 in order to measure and aggregate health metrics.

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72 months ago
Curved OLED just like the mock up displayed?

Seriously, how about just making up a fresh iWatch news icon and stop repeating the same ridiculous concepts over and over. We get the idea already. :)
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72 months ago
After the recent Keynote, it is clear that integration will be the key focus of the iWatch. Apple is making things as seamless between their devices as possible.

And after seeing OSX Yosemite and iOS8 I think Apple is going to hit this one out of the park.
Rating: 15 Votes
72 months ago

Please stop using this picture. I'm already sick of it.
Rating: 12 Votes
72 months ago
I cannot see what the big deal is about this. Yes, it's another new market that Apple will probably dominate if they get the Burberry exec to market it correctly with splashy ads in all the glossy fashion magazines, famous athletes seen posing with them, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Rhianna and all the other 'cool' style icons shown wearing them.

Gimmicky nonsense - what's wrong with conventional watches? What's wrong with conventional books?

Folks, Just ignore me, I'm getting old and crabby. When you get to my age, you're not so easily impressed with some things.
Rating: 6 Votes
72 months ago

Gimmicky nonsense - what's wrong with conventional watches? What's wrong with conventional books?

I have not worn a watch for 16 years, for me they are useless, my phone has a clock so why have something strapped to my arm that does just that 1 task.

Now if it can do other things too for me i might want something strapped to my arm again.

I don't really read books, but my mum who is a heavy book reader has gone kindle because conventional books take over your house to the point where you cannot move for books. So she went digital, also she loves being able to get the 2rd or 3rd book in a series immediately after reading the previous.
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72 months ago
From my use with OLED screens on samsung devices they have pretty poor performance in daylight. Given that a lot of the use of the iWatch is probably going to be outdoors (exercising etc), it doesn't really seem logical to me.
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72 months ago
That picture is such a ridiculous concept and it's ugly. I wish macrumors would never use it again. It's an abomination. Apple probably looks at this site and laughs...
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72 months ago

While not much is known about the iWatch's physical features, rumors have suggested the device will come in two separate sizes (https://www.macrumors.com/2013/11/13/apples-iwatch-said-to-arrive-in-separate-1-7-and-1-3-inch-display-sizes-for-men-and-women/) of 1.3 inches and 1.5-1.7 inches.

Small size 1.3 + large size 1.7 = 3

Half Life 3 confirmed on iWatch. :)

I wonder what kind of charging options they will choose. Lightning would be unsightly on such a small device on your wrist. It would be a first if they add Qi/inductive charging. I hope there will be an elegant way to have it charging while docked on your nightstand!
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72 months ago

That's a stretch. People wear glasses because they have trouble seeing. They don't need a watch to tell time. Most people I've met who wear watches do so as a fashion accessory. Sure, sunglasses have become fashionable, as well, but they still help people see (in bright sunlight.) Just like you can get fashionable prescription glasses.

Nobody needs to wear a watch. They wear one because they want to, and there's a definite market in that.

Then again, you went ahead and admitted that you can use your phone or ask somebody for the time, so I'm not entirely certain what point you're trying to make.

Ok maybe it is a bit of a stretch and i probably should of explained what i meant. Watches are becoming a thing of the past, at least here in the UK and at my university i don't see many people wearing watches, they are using their phones to tell the time. So watches are fading out, yes some people do still use them and that tends to be the older generation.

What i also meant was that Apple needs to bring some good functionality to the iWatch, they need to make people want to wear it. Wearing something is a lot different from a phone or an iPad that you carry around, it needs to be fashionable and there needs to be a reason why people would want to wear it. Don't get me wrong i'm not having a go at Apple, i'm just saying my opinion on what the iWatch needs to be. I think if any company has a shot at making a good smart watch or wearable device, i think its Apple. I'm just questioning what they will put into it and what the device itself will do
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72 months ago

Seems odd that we've seen lots of rumoured parts for the iPhone 6 but we haven't seen a single rumoured part for the iWatch despite the fact that they will apparently launch at the same time. Whatever security measures they have in the iWatch development certainly seem to be working.

i personally think apple leaks those iPhone images on purpose to keep the iPhone in the media and the head of people while theres this big gap of spring to fall. I mean everyone knows an iPhone is always coming in the fall so it wouldnt really matter if parts leak cuz those people would be waiting for the new iPhone anyway whlie those who dont care still buy the iPhone 5S right now.

meanwhile the "iwatch" is a brand new product they may want to keep a secret as long as possible to get the WOW effect during the actual keynote
Rating: 3 Votes

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