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Apple and Google Vying for Exclusive Games from Developers With Promotional Perks

A new report from The Wall Street Journal today highlights the increasing competition between Apple and Google to gain exclusive games for their respective iOS and Android platforms. According to the report, both companies have been offering developers promotional perks, such as premium placement on their app store home pages, in exchange for the first rights to a title.

For instance, the popular title Cut The Rope 2 was reportedly part of an exclusivity agreement between Apple and and developer ZeptoLab:
ZeptoLab's sequel to its popular puzzle game "Cut the Rope”, introduced in December, reflected a similar pattern. The company and Apple agreed to about a three-month window of exclusivity for Apple's App Store, in exchange for the store prominently promoting the game, one person familiar with the matter said. ZeptoLab launched an Android version in late March.
The report also notes a promotional agreement between Apple and EA to launch Plants VS. Zombies 2 on iOS two months before its release on Android. This is in line with a story from Giant Bomb last September that shared similar details. However, while both companies denied the claims and stated that no money was exchanged as asserted by the original story, The Wall Street Journal notes that Apple doesn’t offer money for game exclusives, but rather just marketing and promotional assistance.

Plants VS. Zombies 2 was prominently featured by Apple during the week of its release, as it was mentioned on the App Store Facebook page and featured in top banners on the App Store itself.

Amazon has also carried out similar practices, offering promotional spots on its Amazon Appstore in order for the rights to launch games on its Kindle family of devices. An Amazon spokeswoman corroborated these claims, stating that the company "works with many developers to bring their apps to the Amazon Appstore." The company’s new Fire TV media streaming box, which was released earlier this month, contains dedicated support for games, even offering a $39 wireless Fire game controller.

The news also comes as the amount of money spent by consumers on mobile content grows. According to the results of a study done by research firms IDC and App Annie, mobile games accounted for $16 billion of app sales, jumping 2.3x over the past year.


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59 months ago
I hate exclusives.
I hate it with the Xbone and PS4 and and I hate it here.
Rating: 16 Votes
59 months ago
Lets be realistic, no one is going to swap platforms because of this. This is only going to piss everyone off.
Rating: 13 Votes
59 months ago
At Google, Inc in executive managers meeting,
Executive manager A: Let us focus on Google glass this year.
Executive manager B: Don't drop the ball on Project Ara and Google contact lens too.
Executive manager C: We needs to make balloons internet work on those areas that Internet is unreachable guys.
Meanwhile, At Apple, Inc.
Executive manager D: We needs these games for couple months exclusive.
Executive manager E: Let us get Cut of the Rope 2 too.
Executive manager F: Guys, we also need to bring back Flappy Bird.
Tim Cook: Yeah, Flappy Bird on a giant screen phone should be unbeatable. This is a breakthrough.
Rating: 10 Votes
59 months ago
The new Sony vs. Microsoft :rolleyes:
Rating: 8 Votes
59 months ago
I realize they aren't the only ones doing this particular thing, but I am so tired of Google trying to take over the world... -_-
Rating: 7 Votes
59 months ago
Yet another kick in the teeth for the indie developers who find it hard enough to get noticed on the App Store in the first place.
Rating: 5 Votes
59 months ago
This is actually very critical for Apple. With google, Amazon, and Microsoft competiting in the media and game industry, Apple's long term success could depend on having strong relations with developers and media companies for key content and deals. I hope Apple will stay on top of that and not let arrogance stop them.

Plus, we need more variants of Angry Birds!
Rating: 5 Votes
59 months ago
I don't usually get to see "vying" used very often; I like this MR writer! :cool:
Rating: 5 Votes
59 months ago

Bribed-for exclusives are just anti-consumer.

Yeap but unfortunately not illegal, the games console biz has been doing it for years.


Like today i was playing Horn. My neighbor saw it and asking the title. Then i told him its FREE. Then he run home fast. I laugh coz i know he is using Android.

Horn has been on Android for about 2 years now mate.
Rating: 4 Votes
59 months ago

Since when have google services been free you do know you are paying google with your data.

Are you for real... Talk about pedantics.. So if I want to usr Google earth how much does it cost me...zilch.. if I want to do a Google search.. zilch.. if I want to watch a vid on YouTube.. zilch... So I've given Google zero pennies so remind me again how it isn't free... Please don't say they give my search options to advertisers...and.... How is that costing me money....?.
Rating: 4 Votes

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