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Apple Tops Fortune's 'Most Admired Companies' List for Seventh Consecutive Year

Apple again topped Fortune's annual list of the "World's Most Admired Companies", claiming the title for the seventh year in a row. Apple's ranking on the list was followed by Amazon, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, and Starbucks.

The ranking was based on a survey taken by corporate peers including executives, directors, and industry analysts who graded each company based on key attributes such as innovation, people management, social responsibility and more. Apple earned an overall score of 7.94, beating out Amazon which scored a 7.09.
The iconic tech company known for the iPhone and other stylish and user-friendly products is back in the top spot on this year's list, for the seventh year in a row. Apple, the most valuable brand on the planet according to Interbrand, brought in $171 billion in revenues in FY2013 and is flush with cash, but fan boys and girls (not to mention the market) are getting antsy to see its next big product. Bets are on a smartwatch or AppleTV, but the company is also reportedly turning its attention to cars and medical devices. -- Erika Fry
Apple was also ranked number one in seven of the nine key attributes of reputation listed in the poll. It ranked number five in social responsibility and number two in global competitiveness, following rival Google in the latter category.

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65 months ago
Who "Admires" Google, other than doe-eyed Wall Street types? I'm terrified of Google and avoid them every chance I get.
Rating: 16 Votes
65 months ago
Poor Samsung, not even in the top 20.
Rating: 12 Votes
65 months ago

The fact that Amazon is #2, given the numerous human rights abuses that have occurred, is pretty sad.

Oh lawdy.

You think Amazon being #2 is sad given the human rights abuses... yet you have no problem with Apple being #1? Are you absolutely kidding me? :rolleyes:
Rating: 12 Votes
65 months ago

The fact that Amazon is #2, given the numerous human rights abuses that have occurred, is pretty sad.

man, "The Top Companies with most human rights abuses" list is the same.
Rating: 9 Votes
65 months ago
Look at the 'Nine key attributes of reputation'. None of them are about how the company helps people. I ADMIRE any nurse or doctor way more than any multi-billion dollar tech company.
Rating: 9 Votes
65 months ago
except ...

Number one -- except on Wall Street.

Go figure.
Rating: 8 Votes
65 months ago

From a UK perspective, Tax dodgers unite!

It is a shame that this is the most admired companies list in the world, when there is not one on the list that is not out for themselves big time.

They're businesses.
Rating: 7 Votes
65 months ago
Lol, Google scares the **** out of me. If more people knew Google's vision statement, they would be also.
Rating: 6 Votes
65 months ago
So funny to read all the Apple fanboys comments and how they praise Apple and bash all the other companies like Apple never does wrong and they are GOD.

Im not saying all the other companies don't do wrong, but don't act like Apple doesn't.
Rating: 5 Votes
65 months ago

thats one take on it.

Nobody doubts Google collects copious amounts of Data. its' their business model. But "EVIL".

what has google done evil with your data? They do not sell personal data to 3rd parties or advertisers

They sell targetted ad space based upon your data to focus advertisements and services towards what they believe (based on that data) you are most interested in.

I Do agree that google doesn't need to know everything about me. its a little too much and it gives them a great deal of leverage to be evil should they choose to be (who knows, maybe it's how skynet gets started).

But right now they are not really doing much "evil". Depending on whose "hat" (steakholders) you are wearing, they could be considered doing the "robin hood" of the mobile business.

its a different business model. That is all. Google is able to make devices extremely affordable for their users by having a business model where we don't pay for google's profits. Google takes the profits from their ad and databusiness, and uses those profits to provide affordable devices.

Don't be fooled though. Apple also collects personal data for similar activities. They have just been far less succesfull at it because Apple's model, at premium pricing would piss us off to no end. Think about it. Apple charges us premium high end pricing on their phones and earns profit (est 50% profit on iphone sales) and THEN turns around and makes more profit off that by advertising and the like. Many Apple users would be quite upset.

However Apple does have a data collection and advertising arm. Calling google evil for it needs to have similar applied here too. don't apply double standards. they're not good. At least googles, Apples and even Amazon's track record for privacy of personal data far exceeds that of Facebook!

however on top for "desired" companies. It makes a lot of sense having Apple #1. they're extremely profitable. Extremely influential and extremely relevant to our current world. They're an American icon of technology and as a business, they should be extremely proud of just how far they've managed to come in 30 years

Vic... buddy. I'm not sure if you know how it's supposed to be done, but this ain't it. 1st, you have to go "all in". Google, Samsung, Microsoft, heck any company without this :apple:, yeah they're all bad. You have to be totally with us or you're totally against us. There is no room for personal use case. Evil incarnate= all others. 2nd, logic and common sense are not allowed. Your comments must contain: gratuitous hyperbole, completely unrelated deflection, useless anecdotal "facts", or a horrible car analogy using Ferrari, Mercedes, or BMW. Personally I'd prefer you use a combination, but that's just me. 3rd, realize if Apple and another company are doing the exact same thing, Apple's motives are altruistic, the other company is greedy.

Follow those simple rules and we can turn MR into appleinsider in no time at all. Please edit your comment to reflect a change in your behavior.;)

:rolleyes: <- better put this, someone might actually agree with this dribble
Rating: 5 Votes

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