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Nokia Pulls 'HERE' Maps App for iOS, Citing iOS 7 Changes That 'Harm the User Experience'

In the wake of a rocky launch of Apple's mapping services as part of iOS 6 last year, Nokia debuted its own iOS app bringing its "HERE" maps to the platform in the form of a free app. Based on the NAVTEQ mapping data used in many vehicle navigation devices, the HERE iOS app included a number of features including offline mode and transit and walking directions.

Earlier this month, HERE quietly disappeared from the App Store, and The Indian Express reports (via Engadget) that Nokia has now issued a statement blaming unspecified changes in iOS 7 for driving the company's decision to remove the app.
When approached for a comment, a Nokia spokesperson sent The Indian Express an official statement. It read, "We have made the decision to remove our HERE Maps app from the Apple App Store because recent changes to iOS 7 harm the user experience. iPhone users can continue to use the mobile web version of HERE Maps under, offering them core location needs, such as search, routing, orientation, transit information and more, all completely free of charge."
As the report notes, the HERE iOS app was not particularly well received by users, having suffered from a number of bugs and received no updates during its year on the App Store. Consequently, it seems likely that poor adoption and an unwillingness by Nokia to invest significant effort in fixing the app's issues played significant roles in HERE's demise on iOS as well.

Without more information from Nokia, however, the exact set of circumstances leading to the removal of HERE remains unclear, and it is unknown exactly what changes in iOS 7 the company is referring to in its statement. Some users have criticized the look and feel of the redesigned operating system, with some usability issues also having been raised.

The dramatic design change in iOS 7 has also led many third-party developers to invest significant resources in redesigning their own apps to match the new aesthetic, and perhaps Nokia simply felt that it did not want to commit to make the necessary changes and improvements to its iOS app in order to attract and retain users.

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71 months ago
Translation, no one uses our stuff so we are taking our ball and going home.
Rating: 51 Votes
71 months ago
What a bunch of crap. It's not IOS 7 that's harming the experience, it's Nokia's lack of commitment to update their apps for iOS.

They simply want to focus on their own platforms rather than their competitors. That's understandable and they can easily say that, but there's no need to push the blame aside, it just makes you look childish.
Rating: 28 Votes
71 months ago
All I read was "Unwillingness to change to consumers requests". Seems to be a pretty common thing in the Nokia brass :rolleyes:
Rating: 17 Votes
71 months ago
just look at that UI .... total 2005 vibe. Nokias failure in the phone business makes so much sense.
Rating: 17 Votes
71 months ago
Sure, when all your efforts to make a popular app fail, blame iOS7 and quit.

I doubt it.

It's not fruity enough for most of the people who come to these forums.

If by "fruity" you mean "useful", I totally agree. If not, please go back to your bridge.
Rating: 16 Votes
71 months ago
And nothing of value was lost
Rating: 14 Votes
71 months ago
This is the first time I've even heard of the app.
Rating: 13 Votes
71 months ago
"Our ****ty app with a ****ty user experience was so ****ty that we decided to discontinue it in order to offer an even ****tier user experience that takes less time from our developers. But hey, let's blame iOS 7 harming the user experience, even though we could have never used iOS 7 APIs like Google is doing."

Way to gain credibility, Nokia.
Rating: 11 Votes
71 months ago

Go to any thread on here that isn't about Apple and you'll get crowds of people spewing massive hate. I don't know if you knew this, but this site has a massive amount of fanboys.

This site has sickening degrees of one sidedness on the apple side alright, I'm here two years and belive me I've noticed!
But virtually anywhere else even mentioning you use an apple product results in getting berated with abuse. I try to keep an open mind but I think apple make some very cool stuff, and I especially love really old Apple ii's and vintage 80's macintoshs. I use an iphone and mac today, but I use a pc for gaming and I think windows 7 is a pretty darn stable OS. I virtually never have issue with it like, just like my mac. No system is flawless. On the mobile side, android is more customisable and has far more features across the board. Oddly enough the iphone 5s actually beats all other android phone right now in raw processing power, but this is not usually the case. iOS is restricted and simpler, but I use it for daily calling, texting, light gaming, web browsing etc. my iphone excels in these areas. If I want to do server management or music production I'll sit at my mac. Any messing around with software I'll do on my pc as well. Also my iphone works fluidly with iTunes for music management, even over wifi. I have yet to see such a reliable and effortless music organisation system from any other company.

I think most people that hate on other systems haven't really used them much. Almost evey OS has its advantages.
Rating: 10 Votes
71 months ago

...iPhone users can continue to use the mobile web version of HERE Maps under

Thank goodness for that :roll eyes:

Rating: 8 Votes

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