Video Compares Second-Generation iPad Mini Shell to iPad 5, Current Mini

A new video comparing the purported shell of the second-generation iPad mini to the existing iPad mini and the upcoming fifth-generation iPad has surfaced on YouTube. Shared by Unbox Therapy, the shell, which has been previously seen in photos, has a form factor that is nearly identical to the existing iPad mini.

The only difference between the two shells is the mirrored silver Apple logo on the back of the second-generation mini, which is similar to the mirrored finish seen on prototype fifth-generation iPads shells. The current white and silver iPad mini has a black Apple logo.

While the next iPad mini will not feature any design changes, it is expected to be a major upgrade to the existing iPad mini due to the inclusion of a much-desired Retina screen.

The video also provides a comparison of the mini shell alongside a fifth-generation iPad shell, giving a clear look at the mini-style redesign of the next full-sized iPad. The fifth-generation iPad appears to be as thin as the iPad mini, and the size difference between the two tablets is smaller, with the iPad mini measuring in at 20cm in height and the fifth-generation iPad measuring 24cm tall.

Apple's fifth-generation iPad has been long rumored to share multiple visual cues with the iPad mini, featuring a rounded shell, narrower side bezels, and a more compact design. Apple is expected to unveil both the second-generation iPad mini and the fifth-generation iPad later this year.

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84 months ago
This apple event will be so boring. "Stop me if you've already seen this"
Rating: 11 Votes
84 months ago
Give it up for the metric system!
Rating: 10 Votes
84 months ago
Honestly, this is no longer news. Nor rumors. Just the reporting of facts due to the plethora of leaks.
Rating: 8 Votes
84 months ago

Gosh, all this incremental reporting about stuff that no one cares about is getting really tedious. I very much doubt that many of us really care about such nuances. When I think about the state of this world and how so many of us are struggling just to get by, I find all of this so odious and downright silly.

Well you are on an Apple news sight, so this is not stopping any time soon. Just deal with it.

And besides, just ignore the post if you don't have any interest in it. That would be the practical thing to do. :rolleyes:
Rating: 7 Votes
84 months ago

So this video basically shows there won't be a retina :O

No change in dimensions. Isn't the iPad 4 thicker than iPad 3 because of the retina?

No, the iPad 3 was slightly thicker than the 2. The 4 is the same size as the 3. Given that the new back plate for the 5 is the same thickness as the Mini, it is not unreasonable to assume that the retina display tech can fit in a Mini shell. The issue then becomes battery size.

When WSJ said that the Mini would have a retina display a few months ago, that should've been everyone's clue here that it will have one. WSJ = Apple mouthpiece.
Rating: 6 Votes
84 months ago
And who said apple can't innovate ?!

They cut off the sides!!!!

Next year they'll cut off a little bit off the top..

Then next year a bit off the bottom..
Rating: 5 Votes
84 months ago

Honestly, I feel Apple's best bet is to make the full size more attractive and just do a minor boost to the mini because once the mini gets retina then the full size loses pretty much every reason to exist. I've got a full size and a mini and the mini goes everywhere with me, while the full size sits next to the sofa. I might be convinced to get a full size judging by this video but retina on the mini would just get me to upgrade the mini to the new one rather than switch to the full size.

I do not find this true at all.

While the retina in the mini will be a great addition, some people just prefer a 10" screen. I like the first gen mini, and i could live with the non retina screen, but i just found things like surfing a better experience on the 10".
Rating: 4 Votes
84 months ago
Samsun memory card huh:rolleyes:
Rating: 4 Votes
84 months ago
Wow. Its.... the same thing as the current one.... craaaazy. :cool:
Rating: 4 Votes
84 months ago
Wow, I hadn't realized that it would be the same thickness as the mini.

Very sleek.
Rating: 4 Votes

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