Survey Shows Older and Cheaper iPhones and iPads Remain Popular, MacBook Pro is Best-Selling Mac

In its latest report on Apple, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) surveyed a number of recent purchasers of Apple products to determine U.S. buyer's purchasing habits regarding preferred capacity and model of a variety of Apple products.

Among other things, the survey found that the iPhone 5 accounted for just 52% of iPhones purchased in June 2013 -- back in October, just after the iPhone 5 had launched, the new device commanded some 68% of iPhone purchases. In June, 30% of iPhone sales were from the 4S, while 18% were from the 4.

iPhone Purchase by Model
The iPhone 4 and 4S aren't the only older iOS devices to be seeing significant sales success. The iPad 2, which is particularly popular in educational and enterprise environments, accounted for 34% of total iPad sales in June. The Retina iPad and iPad mini each counted for a third of total sales.

iPhone Purchase by Model
The 16GB capacity iPad is by far the most popular model, with the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models accounting for 28%, 11% and 2% of total sales respectively.

iPad Model by Storage Capacity
Finally, though the Mac Pro has not been significantly updated in several years, it still accounts for 5% of total Mac sales, according to the survey -- and is more popular than the Mac mini. The MacBook Pro makes up 70% of Apple's notebook sales, with more than half of those sales going to the Retina display-equipped models.

Mac Purchase by Model
Apple does not break down sales by model, and though this data is from a survey and not company-provided, it gives some insight into the sales preferences of Apple's customers.

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Xiroteus Avatar
100 months ago
I don't understand.

The air is faster, more reliable and lighter. It has a better battery life and a higher resolution display. External storage is cheap, and external cd drives do the job just fine. There are very few valid reasons to buy a 13" MBP

Many people prefer having half their computer in their computer.
Score: 13 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Yvan256 Avatar
100 months ago

the Mac Pro […] still accounts for 5% of total Mac sales[…] and is more popular than the Mac mini.

Wow, really? :confused:
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)
buckers Avatar
100 months ago
I'm surprised the Mac Pro has been out-selling the Mac Mini
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)
mslide Avatar
100 months ago
There are very few valid reasons to buy a 13" MBP
16GB RAM and having to always carry around adapters and external drive(s) is very annoying and makes the Air less portable than the MBP. IMO, there are very few valid reasons to buy a 13" MBA over the MBP :)
Score: 8 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Giuly Avatar
100 months ago
I don't understand.

The air is faster, more reliable and lighter. It has a better battery life and a higher resolution display. External storage is cheap, and external cd drives do the job just fine. There are very few valid reasons to buy a 13" MBP
A 15" screen. 16GB of RAM. Quad-Core CPUs. Dual-Core CPUs > 1.7GHz. A Retina display. You know, Pro stuff.
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daneoni Avatar
100 months ago
I don't understand.

The air is faster, more reliable and lighter. It has a better battery life and a higher resolution display. External storage is cheap, and external cd drives do the job just fine. There are very few valid reasons to buy a 13" MBP
CDs/DVDs and Ethernet ports are still a thing and it has the lowest entry price point to the Pro line. All in, the 13" MBP still provides good value for budget buyers. Even more so if you're a student. Especially since the White MacBook disappeared.

Not everyone wants to spend more to find external solutions for stuff that should arguably be built in already.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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