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Apple Updates Look of Online Store With More Feature Images, Fewer Text Links

Apple today rolled out some updates to its online store, not only posting new features advertising Father's Day gift purchases but also introducing a new, cleaner look for the store. While the main page of the online store had previously consisted of a main center column with product promotions flanked by sidebars with additional links, the new look brings an all-feature design focusing more on product images.

Previously, the left sidebar had offered quick access to accessory categories for Apple's various product lines, as well as links to the company's refurbished and clearance stores. Shoppers looking for accessories must now drill down through the product categories along the top "shop" navigation bar to reach the various accessories, while links to the refurbished and clearance stores are listed at the bottom of the page.

A similar situation exists for the former right sidebar, which offered links to Apple's other stores such as for education and business, as well as store services including gift cards, financing, and returns. All of these links are now only directly accessible through the store site map links at the bottom of the page.

The change removes some redundancy on Apple's main store page, as many links had appeared both in the main body of the page and lower down in the site map section, and by removing the sidebar links Apple has been able to bring much greater prominence to product images.

Apple has made additional image-centric changes further down in the site, with the main pages for each of the company's product lines now allowing for larger images and less text, while accessory pages have seen even more dramatic changes away from simple lists and toward more featured images.

Update: As noted by [Google translation], Apple has also added the ability for users in the German online store to pay for their purchases via PayPal.

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82 months ago
Seems less intuitive. I like to find what I want and this appears to hamper that.
Rating: 18 Votes
82 months ago
Looks gorgeous and makes the Google Play Store look like a fisher-price toy.
Rating: 12 Votes
82 months ago
Is it just me, or is it more difficult to find things?
I most liked it when it was like this: simple:

although I guess it would have got cluttered with their more extended product line...
Rating: 10 Votes
82 months ago
Hint 'iOS7' ... :)
Rating: 8 Votes
82 months ago

Hint 'iOS7' ... :)

What about it? There'll be less text links?
Rating: 6 Votes
82 months ago
With larger images and being more image centric, the site is in turn, much more touch friendly.
Rating: 6 Votes
82 months ago

Nice, but within a category, those top-bars should scroll with the wheel/gestures. Or better yet, not NEED to scroll at all.

Apple really needs to look at to see an efficient shopping experience. I am not serious.

I don't believe your facts are quite right :p

Apple has sold 3rd-party stuff for many years, and Apple's history of both small AND earthshaking releases has always been longer than people think. (And currently, WWDC is around the corner.)

The only difference is, when Jobs was alive they blamed him for the R&D periods in between releases (while competitors got a free pass). Whereas now, they blame it on Jobs' absence. In reality, innovation + quality (as opposed to just dumping out random stuff to see what sticks, or copying an existing success) simply takes time no matter who's in charge. Apple does it faster than anyone, but as they've said, they're as proud of what they decided not to release as what they've actually sold. Good philosophy.

It's been 6 months from the iPad Mini, which was merely copying the rest of the industry.

In that time Google has done more to "Refresh" iOS than Apple has done since 2007.

WWDC. Product Numbers, Revenue Numbers, Game Demos, Social is going to be into the core OS, iRadio "It's the most intuitive music streaming software and we're last to get into the market, besides BlackBerry",
Oh and we have the cool fingerprint reader.

"One Last Thing". We're putting out a spec bump to Mac Pro so we can sell it again in Europe.

OK, that's a wrap. See you next year and thanks again for the billions of dollars you keep throwing at us. It's safe in Ireland.
Rating: 5 Votes
82 months ago
Yay... Just what I was waiting for, a newly designed online store experience. :rolleyes:
Rating: 4 Votes
82 months ago

No, you're not Jesus.

Quote from Steve Jobs

“people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”

That's when they lost me.

So then get lost? Lol, if they "lost" you, I'm somewhat confused as to why you're on an Apple rumor site commenting on an article about a simple online store redesign. Seems petty.

Go ahead and start your own company and design products for yourself and hundreds of millions of other people too. Easy, right? You seem to have all the answers.
Rating: 3 Votes
82 months ago

Yet another example of Apple's continuing effort at dumbing down everything.
You must conform and use things only how Apple tells you.

You want to 'think different' ? Sure you can, as long as it is exactly how Apple tells you how.

Doesn't fit your workflow or skill level? Sorry no options for that anymore but they put in a bunch of cool icons .

Want that feature or option that you have relied on for years on your system? Nope that is obsolete now and they will never bring it back.

You want to chose which way to use a product? Now you have no choice because according to Apple, you are not smart enough to make your own decisions.

Want to customize the setup your way? Nope Apple knows better how YOU should be working.

Ahahah these comments makes my day. We're talking about an update webpage. Sure you are smart so you whine like a children... about a webpage. brilliant. This website should be renamed to Whine Rumors.
Rating: 2 Votes

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