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Survey Shows Pre-Launch Demand for Apple's iWatch on Par With iPad

A new ChangeWave survey shows that consumers have a similar level of interest in buying a rumored Apple iWatch, as were interested in buying an Apple tablet just before the iPad was announced.

19% of respondents indicated they are 'very' or 'somewhat' likely to buy an iWatch, with current Apple product owners significantly more likely than others to want an iWatch.
The survey results show very strong consumer interest – with 5% of respondents saying they areVery Likely and 14% Somewhat Likely to buy an "iWatch" for themselves or someone else.

How does this level of interest compare to earlier Apple products before they were formally announced?

While there are no exact comparisons, here are the Apple "iWatch" results in relation to the ChangeWave pre-release findings for two earlier very successful Apple launches – a January 2010 survey on the original Apple Tablet and an August 2005 survey on the Apple Intel Mac.
Rumors about the iWatch have suggested the device will run a "full" version of iOS, rather than the simpler operating system seen on the iPod nano. Additionally, The New York Times claimed the watch would have a curved glass screen.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said last year that wearable devices were "an interesting area", though "the book hasn't been written on that yet."

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76 months ago
I frequently plan to buy products about which I:

* know nothing about the price
* know nothing about the looks
* know nothing about the functionality
* know nothing about the release date

Sign me up!
Rating: 33 Votes
76 months ago
Maybe I am in the minority but I have zero interest in this product.
Rating: 22 Votes
76 months ago
So the battery dies... and you just have an i#%*$@(iCrap), and not even a watch.

This iWatch will not even come close to the demand & market opportunity that the iPad ever had... report is bogussssssssss.
Rating: 17 Votes
76 months ago
Yeah, the current attitude seems generally consistent with the "why would I want that" feeling many people had prior the iPad before its launch.

And then of course that crowd went out to buy it at some point.

Many, many people are very bad at knowing what they want before they experience it. They draw too much of their opinion of what they've seen in the past, and less on their imagination of what is possible.
Rating: 11 Votes
76 months ago
Here's to hoping the iWatch is similar to this :D

Rating: 10 Votes
76 months ago
The iWatch will be a massive failure. Take that to the bank. Nobody wants such a stupid and useless product.
Rating: 10 Votes
76 months ago
It wouldn't surprise me if many of you who say "why would I need one" will queue up for it the first day it is released.
Rating: 10 Votes
76 months ago
I recall being highly skeptical and even participated in the joking around about how the iPad is just an oversized iPod touch. Had no interest in it at all... that is, until I was in the store and used one. I bought one the next day. One of my favorite devices by far.

So far my feeling for this alleged iOS watch have been following the same trend. We shall see.
Rating: 9 Votes
76 months ago
ChangeWave never called me and asked my opinion, so the whole survey is meaningless.

Please ignore this survey.

I would have told them I have no interest in the watch thingy...and that would have ended the whole issue.

I believe this issue is now settled!:rolleyes:

;) :D
Rating: 7 Votes
76 months ago
One major thing the iWatch will bring to the table is making the iPhone's screen seem big again.

Rating: 7 Votes

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