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AT&T Will Roll Out 'HD Voice' Support Later This Year

Attlogo375wideAT&T said today that it will begin supporting the iPhone 5's wideband audio -- or 'HD Voice' -- feature later this year, reports All Things D.

The technology provides for significantly better call quality, when the network and both devices support it. T-Mobile said it will be supporting it at launch on the iPhone 5, with AT&T the second U.S. carrier promising to support HD Voice.
Speaking on Monday, AT&T senior VP Kris Rinne said that the carrier will roll-out its own support for the technology later this year as it begins to route voice calling over its LTE network.

"HD Voice is part of our voice over LTE strategy," Rinne said, speaking at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit in Sausalito, Calif.

When Gizmodo tested the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile at that carrier's launch event, it reported that HD Voice call quality was "a bit richer, and definitely fuller… a noticeable improvement." All Things D mentioned that Sprint was considering implementation of HD Voice at some point in the future as well.

(Image from The Verge)

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51 months ago
AT&T later retracted, "April Fools! Who are we kidding? We can't even do low definition voice."
Rating: 67 Votes
51 months ago
Let me guess:

Available to all iPhone 5 customers!*

*with a tiered data plan
Rating: 40 Votes
51 months ago
God this will dramatically improve my phone sex life.
Rating: 19 Votes
51 months ago
About time! I have been waiting years to dump my gf on HD voice...or order a pizza...
Rating: 16 Votes
51 months ago
all of sudden at&t is interest in HD voice ...

Something tells me that T mobile really sparked a nerve.

Hopefully they will also consider dropping their contracts too
Rating: 15 Votes
51 months ago
Folks, we are witnessing the power of competition and how it benefits the customers.
Rating: 12 Votes
51 months ago
"Only available to customers on a shared data plan. Those that are not on a shared data plan can add the feature for $9.99 a month per line."
Rating: 9 Votes
51 months ago
about damn time...
Rating: 7 Votes
51 months ago

It's not a bad thing, and I'm sure I'll like it, but I don't see why people care that much. (If they even do outside of carrier marketing!)

It's a phone call. A disembodied voice you hear mixed with the sounds around you. It's never going to be like meeting in person, it's not a Beethoven concert, and it's not a keepsake recording to treasure forever. So I don't care about "richer, fuller" sound, as long as the voice is clear and not broken up. It already is, so I haven't wished for more.

When I dump AT&T (likely for T-Mobile) it won't be for HD voice!

There are big reasons to care:

1. It sounds so much better. When you're talking to someone you care about, it makes a huge difference and you feel closer.

2. It is a huge improvement in noise canceling.

3. It can help protect your hearing (dispersing a sound over more frequencies rather than pumping up limited frequencies for volume) and reduce ear fatigue on long calls.

Once you experience it, you will care.
Rating: 7 Votes
51 months ago
Yay! I wonder how much THIS is gonna charge us!
Rating: 7 Votes

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