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'Google Now' for iOS Promotional Video Leaks on YouTube

Google Now, an Android-only app that aims to provide users with "the right information, at just the right time", is coming to iOS, if a leaked video is to be believed. Google reportedly posted this promotional video to YouTube accidentally. It was quickly removed, but not before an Engadget tipster snatched a copy of it.

The video has since been pulled from YouTube and appears to feature the same voice actress as the original Now announcement (which you'll also find after the break for comparison). Supposedly, Now will be accessible in an upcoming iOS app update simply by swiping up from the main screen. Of course, there's always the chance that is an impressive fake or even a canceled project that's only being leaked now. We've reached out to Google for comment, but even if the search giant remains silent, we're confident the truth will be known soon enough.

Google Now aggregates various bits of information that users may need throughout their day, including flight notifications, weather, traffic, reservations, packages, birthdays, transit information, stocks, movie times and more.

The original Google Now launch video is available on YouTube for comparison to the leaked one above.

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52 months ago
Google execs: "let's *LEAK* a video so that Apple blogs would report it"
Rating: 33 Votes
52 months ago
hate to admit it but those google apps look by far bettet than those native apple apps nowadays. u can tell most were made in 2007 and havent seen a ui change since

lets hope theres some cydia tweak coming that makes it a full on siri replacement like it did with chrome
Rating: 31 Votes
52 months ago
Oh yes please!
Rating: 26 Votes
52 months ago

Wait, so there will be a Google app AND a Google Now app?

Or would the plan be for this to replace the old one?

Why not just add these features to the Google app?

Did you even watch the video?? Geez. Some people have attention spans lasting a few microseconds at most.
Rating: 25 Votes
52 months ago
Google Hivemind. Now with more Creepy.
Rating: 20 Votes
52 months ago
I'd quite like this on my iPhone :)
Rating: 14 Votes
52 months ago
now google can tell me what time to leave for work because i'm too dumb to figure it out by myself
Rating: 13 Votes
52 months ago

To be honest, Google Now is a flagship feature of Android... and Google are putting it on iOS. I'm not putting two and two together here, but I think Google know that iOS is winning, and are taking it very seriously. (Google Maps, excellent implementation: reviewers call it better than the Android version, YouTube app is fantastic, Google Now, well, let's see if the trend continues.)

And no, sales don't mean a platform is winning.

Google's product isn't Android, Google's product is the data it's collecting on you. What better way to get more data than to get more people participating?
Rating: 13 Votes
52 months ago
I never use Siri. This I would use regularly.
Rating: 12 Votes
52 months ago

now google can tell me what time to leave for work because i'm too dumb to figure it out by myself

It actually just learns when you leave and let's you know what kind of delays are occurring at this time. It's pretty helpful on Android as it shows in my notification bar. From iPhone to Android you realize google now is way better than siri.
Rating: 11 Votes

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